Discussion with my parents about WTS

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  • deeskis

    Meant to say. Check out www.jwfacts.com, an aussie poster here. He started doing research like you, and the floodgates opened.

    another good site is www.jwtruth.com which mainly concentrates on the blood saga, and there's a wealth of more information in the "best of" section in this site compiled by ladylee.

    Cheers, D

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

    You should also tell them how they own shares in a company that makes engines for warcrafts and a company that makes cigarettes!

  • Elsewhere
    They said well the WTS doesn't say that they are inspired they only say that God's spirit is amongst them

    [Prophets\God has been pleased to use JWs as a prophet]


    w59 1/15 pp. 40-41 pars. 13-14 Down with the Old—Up with the New! ***

    Whom has God actually used as his prophet?


    By the historical facts of the case Christendom is beaten back in defeat. Jehovah’s witnesses are deeply grateful today that the plain facts show that God has been pleased to use them.

    [Prophets\Jehovah’s prophet known today as Jehovahs Christian Witnesses]


    w72 4/1 p. 197 ‘They Shall Know that a Prophet Was Among Them’ ***

    This "prophet" was not one man, but was a body of men and women. It was the small group of footstep followers of Jesus Christ, known at that time as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah’s Christian witnesses

    [Prophets\Jesus’ channel of communication\FDS serve as Jesus channel of communication]


    w94 10/1 p. 8 The Bible—A Book Meant to Be Understood ***

    JESUS assured us that after his death and resurrection, he would raise up a "faithful and discreet slave" that would serve as his channel of communication.

    [Prophets\JWs are prophets like Jeremiah]

    *** w82 10/1 p. 27 par. 8 Be as Men Who Are Facing Har–Magedon Unafraid ***

    In behalf of such individuals who at heart seek God’s rule instead of man’s rule, the "prophet" whom Jehovah has raised up has been, not an individual man as in the case of Jeremiah, but a class. The members of this class are, like the prophet-priest Jeremiah, wholly dedicated to Jehovah God through Christ and, by the begettal of Jehovah’s holy spirit, they have been made part of "a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for special possession." (1 Peter 2:9) At this late date there is a mere remnant of this "prophet" class yet on earth. The "war of the great day of God the Almighty" at Har–Magedon could not start before this composite "prophet" ends his work.

    [Prophets\Mouthpiece and channel of Jehovah\Jehovahs channel of communication]

    *** w57 6/15 p. 370 par. 7 Overseers of Jehovah’s People ***

    Let us now unmistakably identify Jehovah’s channel of communication for our day

    [Prophets\Mouthpiece and channel of Jehovah\JWs are a mouthpiece and active agent of Jehovah as was Ezekiel]

    *** kj chap. 4 p. 58 par. 10 Commissioned to Speak in the Divine Name ***

    So it is with the modern-day counterpart of Ezekiel: it is, not one person’s body, but a composite body, made up of many members. All these members were together to do the will of Jehovah, who is the Creator of this modern "Ezekiel." Who, then, are the group of persons who, toward the beginning of this "time of the end," were commissioned to serve as the mouthpiece and active agent of Jehovah? In order to determine this, check the history of 1919, the first postwar year after the first world war.

    [Prophets\Mouthpiece and channel of Jehovah\Put his words in their mouths]

    *** w59 1/15 p. 41 par. 14 Down with the Old—Up with the New! ***

    Jehovah’s witnesses are deeply grateful today that the plain facts show that God has been pleased to use them. All the preaching and all the Bible educational work that they have done till now in 175 countries and islands of the sea they confess has been, not by help of a military army, nor by human power, but by God’s spirit, his invisible active force. (Zech. 4:6, AV) It has been because Jehovah thrust out his hand of power and touched their lips and put his words in their mouths.

    [Prophets\Mouthpiece and channel of Jehovah\Respond to FDS as we would the voice of God]

    *** w57 6/15 p. 370 par. 7 Overseers of Jehovah’s People ***

    It is vital that we appreciate this fact and respond to the directions of the "slave" as we would to the voice of God, because it is His provision.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Welcome to the Discussion Forum . I'm so glad you are able to have open intelligent discussions with your parents. I was raised a witness and was bapitzed in 1978 . I have always had nagging doubts, but never really gave myself permission to question the WBTS.It is a very scary thing to question what you have been taught as truth , it means stepping out of a comfortable zone or at least familiar zone.I'm sure that your parents feel that way too, but you are opening the way for them . I highly recommend reading Ray Franz books .(I too felt I had to hide the fact I was reading them in my own home, because I didn't want to stumble my son or husband.) The books can be ordered online from Commentarypress.com . Hope to hear more from you and your journey of truth .


    @Elsewhere I talked with my parents about that and said that altough the WTS never said that they where inspired they did say that they where Jehovah's prophets. My parents didn't asked me where the WTS has said that so I think they already knew. I remember there was also an article in the Awake about false prophets and in a footnote the WTS explained that they where not inspired and therefore there "end of the world" claims must not be considered as false prophets. I told my parents that I got the idea that the WTS claims to be Jehovah's prophet all the time except for when their prophecies don't come out and then the WTS says "Yes but we didn't say we are inspired". Again they didn't have a good answer to my question.

    Altough my parents like the open discussion they also said that the points I bring up distresses them a bit, I can imagine but somehow I don't think they will stop believing in the WTS. From all the things that I have researched so far I am fairly convinced that the WTS is not led by Jehovah. It fascinates me to see what my parents really believe and what their explaination is for the points that I bring up.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I am the type of person that needs to know why ... And I am finding out more and more there are so many people content to just believe what they are told . Recently, I asked my husband how much does he want me to tell him about what I find out researching .And he say's he doesn't know ! In other words he would rather remain blissfully ignorant . My sister faced serious surgery and when I tried to get her to at least think about the blood issue she just ignored me like I hadn't said a thing. Then she just mimicked what some HLC member had told her . Be brave, be smart, develop your preceptive powers . Think for yourself !

  • jstalin

    GBSJG - they have to hold on to the 607 doctrine because that's how they justify the 1914 doctrine. One simple question - how do we know Jesus was invisibly enthroned in 1914?


    @jstalin It's interesting because my parents don't believe 607 and thus 1914 is questionable. But they do believe the WTS is the FDS and that we are living in the time of the end because all the signs are here (earthquakes etc..). And they also believe that 1914 is a significant year because all historians agree so.

    I think they still believe all the doctrines for 1914, only not the seven times calculation. Perhaps my parents haven't thought about what consequences it has to not believe 607 for all the other doctrines that are based on that year.

  • Collegegurl

    Welcome to board! It sounds like your parents are actually pretty open. When you have believed something is the absolute for so long it is hard to give it up. It's a good sign they are willing to research and think about things like 607. Your parents may be really questioning the "truth". Just give them time, it is a lot to think about.

    Have you checked your local libraries for Raymond Franz's books? You can request books at most libraries. That way the book won't permanetly be in your house for you to hide. Owning the book would be pretty incriminating if your not ready to leave.

  • yucca

    An excellent book to use is Reasoning from the scriptures with the Jehovahs Witnesses by Ron Rhodes. wishing you the best with your research yucca

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