The leaking organization, seems like the young are exiting fast.

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  • free2beme

    I ran across a Witness I knew the other day at the gym and we had an open and honest discussion on exiting the organization. He still goes and used to be an elder, but stepped down when his children were disfellowshipped. He was actually very honest with me on some subjects, which tells me that he is probably putting together an exit foundation and looking for some bricks of information to make it solid. Anyway, as I was talking to him, I asked about a lot of younger people I knew while a Witness and wondered how there life was going. I was amazed at how many were summed up with "... they are inactive" or "... they left the truth" and a few with "... they're disfellowshipped." I only heard of a couple still in and they were the type that I expected to stay. In the conversation we mentioned how it seemed the organization is leaking in it's future growth. As many of the young people that are counted on to increase the number of Witnesses, are leaving at an increased pace. From what I gathered, it is becoming more rare to stay, then it is to leave. It does not shock me, with all the information available to young people now and how easy it is for them to access the truth about "the truth." I did not have such resources as a child/teen and if I did, I would doubt that I would have stayed into my twenties like I did.

    You know a lot of companies will call a mass exit of customer base, a leak, which I think fits with the Witnesses too. They have a serious leak, and they seem to think the only way to fix it, is to plug the information and education hole. I would not doubt, that in time, the Witnesses will make a college education and recreational internet usage a disfellowshipping event. After all, in a communist government, the first thing taken from the people is the freedom of information.

    Anyone else notice how few of the people they grew up with as Witnesses, stayed?

  • stillAwitness

    I wonder to myself all the time: "Why am I the only person in my hall who is the same age as me?" (Okay there is one other sister but she's a fanatical DUB so she doesn't count

    Basically, by age 18 if they haven't turned into a fanatic (regular pioneer, serving where the need is greater etc.) then they will more than likely leave as soon as the oppurtunity arises.

    And I kid you not! Even when I visit other halls it is the same thing. I am the only person in my 20's there. Most of the other 20 somethings are already married (one that I know of is married to some wanna-be elder busy body and is already on her third child and a "homemaker" and she's only 25!

    I did know this one other 20 something...but she was just annouced D'F a couple weeks ago...go figure

  • Muffinman

    Me and my brother are both going to leave soon, so thats a 100% fail rate for our family. I noticed alot of younger people are leaving too.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    I feel that the WTS is having the same problems today that the Communist system had yesterday, and that is a forced pressure to conform to a preconcieved image that is acceptable to the leadership.

    Since the WTS is run by old men, they conceive the organisation as being in their image - a system fit for old people. The only way for a youth to suceed in this system is in fact to BE old. Talk the talk, and walk the walk. Now this is where the WTS is having the problem: It's getting harder and harder for youth to do this.

    Back in the 50s and 60s when I was in my teens it was comparativly easy to do this. I, like thousands of others, found it easy to "talk the talk, walk the walk" But in the recent decades of the tele-communication revolution, when the world has indeed become a global village youths WANT to remain youths [and why not - getting old is such a hazard!!] Either the WTS leadership is too blind to notice the effects of this revolution, or they are genuinely fearful of it and are trying to ignore it.

    Perhaps it is not coincedental that the places where younger people are staying on are the same places where this revolution has not yet gotten hold - ie in the less affluent parts of the world

    To be frank, the only way for the WTS to plug this leak, is a drastic change in the leadership. You will need younger men [and God Forbid!!! younger women] at the very top. And I mean the Apex [where executive decisions are made] not just a sort of "token" presence to placade the need for change.

    Of course I don't see this happening so - Either you be old in spirit and stay on - or you piss off


  • greendawn

    Those kids are more intelligent than they thought, they don't care about their words they see their actions and realise that something is seriously amiss and just leave. A lot of ppl have mentioned this drain of jw kids and it is no doubt a serious problem for them.

  • purplesofa

    The youth in my congo attending meetings are few. And most are in college.

    If it was not forced on them, and they could live balanced lives, there might not have such a desire to leave.

    I wanted my daughter to come to her own conclusions and never forced baptism on her......being DF is the worst thing a young person can go through.

    I was losing my daughter forcing the "truth" on her.......basing her OKness on meeting attendance, etc.

    She got very depressed hearing how the end was always near. I kept her from having friends at school and there were not many in my congo her age.......and the ones that were .........were rather strange in our opinion.

    She is a good person, not living a double life and has taught me more about love than any human. We are very close.

  • candidlynuts

    the cong my family attends have begun to make young men ministerial servants at 16 -17 yrs old. pile on the duties and not give them any time to do any thinking of their own.

    the pressure is on the girls to get baptized before they turn 16 so that they will pioneer once they get their drivers liscense.

    it doesnt work well, many of the kids fade away as soon as they have a job and move out of the house. so many just cannot wait to leave.. its sad when of course the jw's tell the world how happy their family units are. (HA)

  • collegegirl21

    Yeah I know what you mean. I was pressured to get baptized at 14 and then my parents took me out of regular school because I was "too popular." Then I had to home school myself and regular auxiliary pioneer at 15! I hated every second of it. I would sneak out of the house at night and I hated it. And they wonder why I left so young. They are happy that I am back now, but I dont think that they know how soon it is until I leave again.

  • Shazard

    Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

  • KW13

    They will get their own search engine up so that when you search it, it blanks out anything bad about that ha ha

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