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  • Third Eye Open
    Third Eye Open

    There were some pretty stupid comments made yesterday. People from the audiance just kept saying that there all liars and just twist the teachings around to get people to not believe the WTS. The conductor also said that "yea and they always bring up mistakes that might of happened in the past like 1975. That was thirty years ago, we are so way past that were moving forward and there always stuck in the past." I hate how they always use that as a copout. "stop thinking about the past! Now lets talk about world war 1 and how that proves christ coming!" Uh you know that back in 1914 you believed christ came 40 years ago in 1874. "stop living the past!" The last comment was made by a R/F "That is what we love about the truth, it's always changing the light is always getting brighter!" What the F#*k!

  • IronClaw

    Welcome Third eye.

    Thats why they are always trying to hide, coverup and even change their past.

    Thanks, The Claw.

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