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  • IronClaw

    So did anyone go to the Apostate WT Study today? If so, how did your conductor handle it? Any good comments made from the R/F? etc.

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  • Muffinman

    I did. You lot are "poisonous".

  • MerryMagdalene

    Who? Us?


  • Collegegurl

    A couple of people mentioned the BIG NEWS article that appeared in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago as proof of apostate lies. They never actually said what lies it contained. The article mention Raymond Franz, so some one said that he became too power hungry and the GB had to df' him because of that. Apostates are poisonous. One person said they never can be redeemed.

    They also said don't go to these websites just to preach or help people like us or prove the witnesses right. I wonder if PMJ or other believing witnesses will be back after that.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I listened to it on the phone link to the hall...

    WT says Satan was the foremost apostate....but NO, Jesus was because..

    Satan rebelled against God.....Jesus rebelled against the man-made organization..

    Just like we do....so I think we are following the foremost apostate, JESUS>>>>>

  • Honesty

    **yawning** again.

    Will they ever get any New about us?

  • yaddayadda

    Human nature being what it is, the more you hear about something and are told it is naughty, the more you want to find out about it. I'd wager that a few JW's went home and decided to check those naughty 'apostate' websites just to see what all the fuss is about. Only those with something to hide will keep telling people not to look.

  • Kudra

    I went!

    A "sister" "approached me" afterwards and I made up some story that my mom is a witness and I was just there to keep tabs on what the JWs were teaching her.

    The great thing was that she started asking me what I disagreed with about the JWs and I ever so tactfully started in with things that they taught that weren't in the bible- AT THE SAME TIME the witlesses behind me were gossiping about some one they knew who was "actually an apostate!" I, undercover apostate extrordinaire, was apostasizing about the cross, 1914, etc right in front of them!!!!!!

    I loved it. But afterwards when I went home I wondered if it was really sort of a sorry waste of my time...

    Good practice though.


  • IronClaw
    Apostates are poisonous. One person said they never can be redeemed.

    Do we really want to be redeemed? Not to that organization anyway.

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