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    Sorry my Friend to hear your story. My heart is with you. I am a victim too. I know a lot of victims. There are MILLIONS of them. No, sorry, I am wrong here, There are TENS of MILLIONS victims of JW Ocult.

    They are the worst kind of peddlers and hipocrytes on the Earth. The Liders at the top of the piramide are the worst, They peddle the borg as a holy moral, guided by God org, but in reality this is sick, depraved and perverted Occult, and there is TONS of evidence to prove that. The time is coming for them to reap what they are sowing.

    The PervertTower have done to much damage to to many people to, and they are doing this under the cover of Religion and God.

    I have no doubt that this is the most influenced Occult by Satan. We can se the rotten fruits. They have nothing to say in defense, but to hide in their PervertTower and try to cover up the children rape, and defend the criminals and the "good image" of the borg.

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