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  • Raphael

    Something that always bothered me as a JW was the lack of praise and worship with music at meetings , yeah there were the tapes of dull and uninspiring piano music along with the same songs that noone ever felt enthusiastic about - I actually remeber feeling embarrassed whenever I had invited a bible study or interested person along to a talk and the singing was just pathetic.

    Singing durring the meetings was never considered a serious act of worship, but an opportunity to visit the bathroom etc. I also found it sad that those who did have a musical talent could not use that talent in worship - no alternative forms of musical instruments were permitted inside the KH other than the WTS piano tapes - no freedom of expression to worship and praise God was ever allowed , it seems that the GB want to rob JW's of the experience of joy in worshipping God.

    Now that I have experienced worship and praise in a Spirit filled church , I can testify just how liberating freedom of expression in worship can be...I recently came across "The Psalm Drummers" and highly recommend getting the CD.

  • Banshee

    I, too, had those same feelings re: JW music/songs and really envied people who attended other churches that had a real church choir and some real praise & worship going on.

    Today, I enjoy the praise & worship at the independent, nondenominational church I attend and am in the church choir.

    I have never heard of the psalmdrummers before. Will check it out. Try checking out The Blind Boys of Alabama at in the music section. Also, I really love Jars of Clay.


  • Ténébreux

    Speaking of drums, I always found it interesting to listen for the drums in the orchestral arrangements that they played at conventions. When the drums made an occasional appearance they ALWAYS matched the song lyrics exactly, and never added any rhythm to the music. That's got to be a deliberate thing, it's like they're scared to make the music too enjoyable.

    Totally agree with the rest of your post. The dirge-like singing was always my least favourite part of any meeting. Every song left me feeling like "Okay, what exactly was the point of that?"

  • Raphael

    Having lived in Africa for most of my childhood and well into my teens , I have always been fascinated by drums , they play an essential role in the lives of people - from remote villages to towns and cities they are central to all sorts of occassions from a means of communication to celebrating every event from a victory in battle to announcing the birth of a child , in mourning the death of a loved one to celebrating at weddings and also in worship...

    Drumming circles on beaches in South Africa are popular with young folks who gather on beaches and party the night away. As witnesses we were discouraged to attend and the idea was always that the drums were used in demonic ritual and worship - which is true in some instances - So it was refreshing for me to read the following about drums:

    "The Bible drum is the 'tof' (Hebrew), which modern translators mostly render as 'tambourine'. The 'tof' is a frame drum. It has no jingles and is named after its sound - a deep thud. The modern tambourine does not truly represent the drum which appears in Scripture 16 times. God's word gives authority for the drummer to strike the drum: in celebration (1 Chron. 13:8); in praise (Ps. 150:4); in worship (Ps. 68:25); for prophecy (1 Sam. 10:5, 6); for healing (Ps. 81:2-7); and in declaration of the Lord's sovereignty (Isaiah 30:32)."

  • Honesty

    Maybe Casting Crowns or Third Day would be interested in staging a concert outside a Circus Assembly one weekend so the poor dub leaders could really see some worship going on in the parking lot. I bet the auditorium would echo it would be so empty.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    It needs to be remembered that Watchtowerism is a religion-by-rote. It consists of study and study only. At the WT study you study what the "latest" teaching to come off the printing press assembly line is. At the Ministry school you study HOW to preach, and at the SM you study WHAT to preach that particular week. The BS and PT are the same : You study. Read underline answer. Read underline answer. In an endless mind-numbing process of servitude. This ensures that every WT follower is a clone of WT HQ. A WT follower, whether he is in Alaska, or Zaire, must answer EXACTLY the same as the WT demands. This can only be ensured by a rigorous regimen of STUDY!!

    Of course, this then means that WTism is NOT a religion of worship, despite the protestations of the WTS that study IS worship. This of course is absurd because, study, whether individual or communal is designed to benefit ourselves only. Worship on the other hand, stimulates a need to reach out to God.

    The Book of Acts at 2:42 tells us of the four elements that constituted early Christian Worship: " [The Christians] devoted themselves to: 1:the teaching of the apostles 2:fellowship 3:breaking of bread 4:prayer " As can be seen, the first bit was not part of a "study" program since no one asked stipulated questions and no one vounteered prepared answers. However, it does emphasize that "Teaching" [rather than study] is a necessary ingredient of Christian worship, that is why "teaching" is a gift of the Spirit and not study.

    The "Fellowship" mentioned here may have included the "breaking of bread" or it may have constituted a seperate function, such as singing of hymns [Eph 5:19] Whether music was supplied, or if the singing was "a capella" we don't know but as can be seen it formed a primary element of worship.

    The breaking of bread is almost universally accepted by commentators as meaning the Lord's Supper Commemoration, although the WTS will disagree because they insist on an empty once-a-year celebration.

    Prayer was a real element of worship as well. Not just at opening and closing of meetings. But it was spontaneous, and could be dispersed throughout the service.

    In this atmosphere of communal spontaneity, the WTS finds no place, and that is the primary reason so much of their singing comes out as so flat. I swear that one of the songs from the songbook of the 60-70s had a melody that reminded me of this:"Oh dear what can the matter be, three old ladies locked in the lavatory"


  • Raphael

    The WTS is one of the sad results of Christianity,which has its roots in middle eastern culture having been hijacked by middle class caucasian American males, with a hidden agenda who have tried to use Christianity as a vehicle through which to impose their own cultural values onto the rest of humanity with tragic consequences... no disrespect is meant to fellow, American brothers and sisters who deeply respect other cultures and embrace aspects of those cultures that can enrich and enhance our worship experience.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    it seems that the GB want to rob JW's of the experience of joy in worshipping God

    Well, it is the functional effect from the e n tire impetous of the whole orga n isation

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I love music....but always couldn't stand the kingdom melodies...

  • Tigerman

    Raphael and moggy lover . . .thanks for your insight and reflections of your experiences. BTW, ml, what is a " moggy lover" ?

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