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  • FlyingHighNow

    This morning, Andy and I strolled into the Parish House door to the beautiful, old gothic St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids, only to hear, filtering down the reception area: Mouret's "First Suite in D" or The Masterpiece Theater Theme, being played by a solo trumpeter, along with the huge pipe organ. We hurried to hear the prelude before the service. Then the organist went to the grand piano and played for a duet of two chorusters singing a beautiful medieval hymn. The choir there sounds like a choir of angels on their own. Add in that beautiful pipe organ and the trumpeter, through out the service and we had quite an unexpected and heavnely musical feast.

    High Episcopal services often incorporate classical music pieces, as well as old Celtic traditional hymns and compositions into their later Sunday morning services. And they serve real wine as part of the communion. If you have been baptized in any Christian faith, you are welcome to take communion there. I was raised in the Episcopal/Anglican church. I'm so glad because now I am again enjoying the splendor and beauty of their form of worship. They've come a long way in tolerance as well. The Priest, Mother Valerie Ambrose, is not only a lady, but she is gay. And I challenge anyone to find someone who exudes more love and warmth than Mother Val. It just fills the entire sanctuary and preceeds her where ever she walks.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi, Tigerman, The word "moggy" may not be current in America, but it is fairly common in Ozzie where Britishisms are more intergrated into speech patterns. "Moggy" - a contraction for "mongrel" - is used to refer to any stray, non-breed cat. So into my life one day, walked this abandoned kitten she was half starved, half dead and I was advised by the local vet to have her put down I was told she would'nt last long

    That was 14 years ago, and Moggy, as I call her, grew into probably the spolitest cat in the whole bloody world!!!

    Hence the pseudonym


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    That was one thing I really noticed when I went to different churches - how lackluster the JW's were in their music, and that it wasn't part of worshipping - it was something we did in between "meetings". I love to go to a church and see people really get into the music. Often times tears will come when I'm singing and/or I get goose bumps. When you see people singing at the KH it's so lackluster. There has always been the odd person who really belts out the Kingdom Melodies, but usually they are looked down on.

    Honesty - I love Third Day - they are one of my faves and I went to a concert of theirs alittle over a year ago!! It was awsome!!!!


  • James Free
    James Free

    Yes, I remember the Kingdom Melodies - the worst piece of crap I ever heard.

    I said that to someone once and got a shocked whispered reply about how they were written by the anointed as if the holy spirit inspired them, and to object to them was walking on the rocky road of murmerers and apostates...

    Actually, guess we were both right after all. I DID eventually leave the WT, and the Kingdom Melodies ARE total crap.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    it seems that the GB want to rob JW's of the experience of joy in worshipping God

    Wonder what they'd have made of that darned king David dancing around in his underwear when the Ark went to Jerusalem?!

    There are some great modern worship leaders at the moment - Chris Tomlin, Robin Mark, Matt Redman and Tim Hughes to name a few.

    On the more 'unconventional' side, yet another Third Day fan here! I also like Jars of Clay, Delirious and David Crowder.

    I've listened to a cd of the Psalm Drummers a while back but it didn't really grab me, I think I would have preferred to watch the dvd maybe.

  • Raphael


    I love listening to Tim Hughes - he's a brilliant musician , very talented Christian artist. also the Stoneleigh CD's are great.

    My first time in a fellowship, with a strong emphasis on praise and worship was CCK in Brighton - where the New Frontiers movement got its start - The fellowship has a very talented membership - blessed with lots of creative people and musicians.

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