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  • FreedomFrog


    By the way, I'm Nature71 on that board. It's been fun responding to the non-JW's. I felt that these people also need to see what JW's are really like. Not many people that have never been JW's understand to what extent JW's hide. And it is my hopes that I can warn ones to be careful so they won't fall into the traps of that oraganization. Sure, I may get "caught". But it's a price I'm willing to pay to help others in the long run.

  • minimus

    These 2 elders are gonna get it from "Mother" when it gets to the Society. How dumb to allow yourself to be filmed!!! They "seemed" very kind, though. I tend to think the df'd guy got his 3 letters but chose to ignore them,but that's just a gut feeling. When I see such videos, it makes me ashamed that I was ever a part of the "ORGANIZATION".


    My question is "How did these 2 ever make "elder" in the first place?" It's is a travesty that guys like this are allowed to make life altering decisions for others!!! I don't see that there was any need to go to this guy's house and tell him he had been disfellowshipped. Apparently, they had not gone to his house to get him to the JC meeting! Why is the elder that is doing the talking smiling at first? I think he couldn't wait to get over there and spill the beans. What a jerk!!! I would have called the police and had them thrown off my property!!!!! (after filming of course!) When I saw this, it made me realize what idiots look like....


  • LDH

    "now that right there is your basis for appeal!"


    I can't help but feel sorry for these two men who think they are waging war against Satan himself, at the right hand of God!!!!! when really they are just two suckers who missed American Idol to discuss whether he was 'repentant.'

  • Sparkplug
    I tend to think the df'd guy got his 3 letters but chose to ignore them,but that's just a gut feeling.

    I thought of that too. But even though I cant stand lying, it does make a point. does it really matter if he was lying or not? They still met and decided without his participation. They still thought as LDH said they were the right hand of God and they still ripped this man from his family and friends (for life probably). It does not matter if he was lying or not, they still have no right to do as they did. Try a person for something they actually by all rights have no God given right to do. They are not God,




    no matter how high they wear their pants.

  • Berean

    I noticed that both elders had their "swords" (NWT) out, holding them in order to fend off any "onslaughts" to themselves. Even though one used it quite clumsy.


  • vomit

    Thanks dude for this video.

    But it gives me the creeps to watch. I think the cameraman deserves a lot of praise for keeping it cool.

    Even after leaving 7 years ago they still give me the creeps.

    I have one JW student that everytime they say some religious thing I can feel a stabbing at my heart.

    I had to pause and watch this in halfs because it was so tense.

  • AuldSoul

    I believe the letters were sent without return address and were dumped in the waste pail (or as we say where AHM frum, the trash).


  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    From a JW perspective, I think the game he was playing was a tad immature IMO. I think he was lying about the letters which means he was soliciting this type of response for his "documentary", he should have been more mature. The "Holy spirit" guiding the elders which in his mind equals infallibility, this is over-simplistic. The ELder admitting to the fella that it is possible a mistake could have been made was a nice gesture so I thought the fella was wrong and argumentative. It sounded re-hearsed, which is sad. It is kind of funny that the elders had no problem being filmed for this, makes me....maybe 20%..... sure it was a fake done with a couple amateur actors. However the Elders could be real and could just be real stupid.

    Anyway, I agree that the Elders should not have worried too much about a fella who did not care enough to explain his position, unless he was openly causing a major disturbance in the congregation, they should have just forgot about taking any action and let him be. .

  • DaveNwisconsin

    The one guy was cute, he should have been on BrokeBack mountain

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