Video of DF announcement for every Platform and Browser

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  • Rado Vleugel
    Rado Vleugel

    I have posted the Video of DF announcement in Flash-format on Watchtower Information Service. In the main thread about this video I noticed that several people couldn't watch the video. The Flash-format has cross browser and platform compatibility.

    You can find the video on the following URL:

    Video of two Jehovah’s Witness Elders announcing a Wrongdoer that he is Disfellowshipped

    Rado Vleugel

  • Pleasuredome

    cool. i bet the GB will be getting their leather thongs in a twist about that one

  • BluesBrother

    Thank Rado, I think, like me a lot of net users are more likely to view the video without having to download it.

    These elders are really stupid. The foremost one reminds me a lot of someone I knew here in the UK. I guess the type is everywhere.

    When I was an elder, I might have arrived at the same conclusion as them, such is the power of indoctrination. But I would never have allowed myself to be filmed delivering such a message. I gather they say they summoned him to the committee by letter. If I were chairing that committee I would, as any sensible person would, call him to make sure that he had received it . Anyway, I thought that one was allowed to miss the first committee before they took action in your absence..unless the times have changed

  • Honesty

    What is the form of government Watchtower claims to be under authority to?

    Oh yeah, I remember now that the numbness is beginning to leave my mind after watching that fine example of God's righteous judgement.

    They label themselves as being ruled by a Theocracy.

    I bet Jesus is so happy with them today.

  • AuldSoul

    I just submitted the link on under the subject line

    Jehovah's Witnesses behaving badly: Disfellowshippers caught on video

    Now it is up to them what they do with it...they may post it on their main page. If many others submit to fark it increases the likelihood of them bumping the link up to the top spots, just make sure to use a different subject line than I did and having it submitted from several sites (possibly in several formats) would HELP the chances of one of them getting put up.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Even if fark doesn't list it, it will go out on TotalFark (fark's subscriber service), so it will surely get some views from that! Well done!


  • kid-A

    Its fascinating to watch as an ex-JW and knowing the inner workings of the cult. However, my concern is the perception that a naive member of the public

    might have. The problem is, the "elders" actually come across as the sympathetic characters because they are so laid back and calm. The cameraman

    comes across as agressive and flippant. Now, as an ex-JW I can understand the cameramans position, but a non-ex JW would view this and perceive

    it as almost a comical, gonzo home movie. Filming an announcement from the platform would have been powerful. Unfortunately, this seems a little too

    like an americas funniest home video segment and does not capture the social devastation that DFing really causes people. The cameraman seems to be

    having too much fun. It was entertaining though for sure.

  • Rado Vleugel
    Rado Vleugel

    If there are more video's I'll post them also.

    So, let me know!


  • AlmostAtheist

    Good point, Kid-A, though I think the "Landru" eyes of the elder tell quite a tale. The video is being discussed on a non-ex-jw board for pagans, here's a link if you're interested:


  • luna2

    Thanks Rado! The more people who can see this the better.

    I think the "Landru" eyes of the elder tell quite a tale

    I agree, AS. I thought he looked almost like a Moonie or something. Very creepy.

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