A 1975 story

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  • ferret

    Welcome newbies. I remember that 1975 was promoted very much in our area. Everyone thought it came straight from the GB. To say that they did not say this is a BIIIG LIIIE.

  • aquagirl

    The jws DID say 1975 for sure..they were looking at Sept or Oct...I remember that I was in a hurry to get baptized.I was 12,and didnt want to get 'left behind".My girlfriends and I were doing the countdown,We sort of pictured a dramatic Charleton Heston-like scene..When it didnt happen by spring 1976,we were told,"any day now"..and that "no one knows the day nor the hour".hmmmm...

  • aquagirl

    And to add,That the thing that really pisses me off is the refusal of an education..I was pulled out of public school 3 times.and couldnt even breathe the word college.I know you can do it on your own,as an adult,but support as a child,growing up,would have been nice..I say that all of us that grew up and were refused access to higher education should plant a lawsuit on the wtbts..They should have to compensate for what the kids were denied.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Welcome to the forum too bad too sad. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Enjoy your stay here and post alot.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi, tbts and welcome to the forum

    Gawd! Do I remember those heady days! We were all awaiting that golden dawn just over the horizon.A dedicated Band of Brothers and Sisters zealous for '' good works ''

    I was appointed an elder in ' 72 and even now as in a receeding echo, I can recall hearing the most fatasmagorical claims.

    The elder arrangement has come just in time because it is so necessary for the new world [The elder system was newly instituted in 1972 after the Divine Name DA in 1971] The FDS were preparing WT articles, and KM articles specifically for use in the new world!! [This from a Bethelite visiting speaker]

    Like the shattered dreams of a disallusioned pauper all turned to dust.

    Too bad.....sooo sad....


  • LDH
    The assemblies had a big sign beside the stage stating 58 months to go. The next assembly, 6 months later, the sign was changed to 52 months to go.

    I would LOVE to see pictures. Where are they hiding?

    Newbies, I was only 7 in 1975 but was raised in a frenzy of uber-JWism. I definitely had a feeling of impending doom. I would practice holding my breath (in case I had to hide from the perscutors under water) pinching myself (to make sure I wouldn't flinch when I was tortured) and repeatedly asked my parents if they were **Sure** that if I renounced Jehovah under pressure I would die forever?

    Also, I remember when the UN declared 1986 as the year of Peace and Security. It was all the JW could talk about, even though they never came out and said anything would happen. So I imagine 1975 was a real kick in the ass.


  • Roski

    In Australia I can remember Ted Bromwich - CO - (whom I believe is now deceased) saying "We can't say for sure - but we can think - so lets think aloud....) and continue to count down the months to 1975, with suppositions re the creation of Eve. My mother still insists that the society didn't give any definite date :-( and my father (elder) still believes the society will get it right.... In the meantime I have had to pay for my own education ( will never go to high school) and that of my children (shouldn't waste time learing a musical instrument - etc.) and we battle on...now I have to try to convice my parents that they 'may' die in this system, or need aged care...and guess who they are angry at...???

  • lighthouse1956

    I know how you feel, I graduated HS in 1974, skated through my classes because I knew my parents would not help with collage in any way. I even played hooky 30 days straight in 9th grade because of being bullied for being "different". Failed biology for not answering evolution questions 'correctly' on exams.

    There were not any girls my age @ kh, and my father suggested waiting for new order when the older (much older) sisters would start looking younger. When I did find a sister a little younger than myself (19 then, she was 17) the elders steered her to a newly converted 28 y.o. Ms, they left the org. right after marrying.

  • purplesofa

    This makes me think of COC and the part with the first Bible Students that were advised not to marry and have children. How lives were controlled and destroyed.

    The 1975 prediction and the decisions people made based on that.

    and now the changing of the Blood transfusions.

    Its not like "new light" when they changed that you could not smoke, or that you could not celebrate

    x-mas........(they did have X-mas trees on old WT's)

    All I ever hear is that it weeds out the unbelievers. But how can you forgive an organization that asks so much in the way of sacrifices (in the name of GOD)

    and how misguided people have shunned others for knowing better. Especially with getting education.

    When I first heard the truth, for years I did not think I would ever die. Now I don't lie to myself anymore.

    I feel sorry for those back then for all those wasted years.

  • DannyHaszard

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