A 1975 story

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  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    While I was in high school in the mid 60's I was told that the end was so near that I would not get to graduate from high school so I should not be concerned about being drafted due to the war in Vietnam. Well I got drafted but did not pass my physical due to a medical problem.

    I then considered go to school in the late 60's to enter the medical field. I was encouraged by the elders not to do this because the end is so near and why get schooling for a profession that you will not need in a few years? I heeded their timely advise and got a job as a laborer in a dirty hell hole.

    In the early 70's I was promoted to be an elder. These were good times for J.W.'s. Our congreation was on fire with growth due to the end coming in 1975. We had about 25 new ones in a period of a couple of years. Only 2 of the 25 are still Witnesses. The others gave up.

    I at first refussed to teach that the end was coming in 1975 despite the talks and the circuit assemblies, which at the time were in high schools. The assemblies had a big sign beside the stage stating 58 months to go. The next assembly, 6 months later, the sign was changed to 52 months to go. Finally I gave in and also began to preach and teach the 1975 doctrine. I would tell my bible studies that they had better get on the ball or they just were not going to survive. It really upsets me now when the Society does not take any credit for pushing the 1975 doctrine. They blame it on a few overly zealous ones in the organization.

    I was told that the end was so close that my children would not have to worry about going to school. Well they did go to school, graduated from high school and now I have grand children in high school.

    When I discuss these thoughts with my faithful living parent she says but look how closer the end is now than back then. She is now in her 80's, can't do much of anything more than watch television. She has lost her health, her husband, her teeth, but not her faith. She keeps telling me that with things getting so bad the end must be near. Too bad, too sad.


  • Think

    Too Bad Too Sad,

    Welcome ! I know how you are feeling, The 1975 was a big push to gain members an more money.

    Now, just grab FIRM HOLD on the TRUTH, not a False Prophet, SoapBubbleTower is going to burst.

  • willyloman

    People will believe anything if they are convinced they are superior to others, recipients of a special calling. That's the WTS' secret weapon.

  • Leolaia

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. It really helps those who came into the bOrg in the 80s and 90s (or even studying now) see what false hopes it has nurtured in the past.

    My earliest memories of the JWs date back to 1976....just after the burnout....that's when my mom started studying....


    Welcome to the forum. You sound like my father with the exception that he still is a staunch JW elder.

  • joelbear

    so much for spiritual guidance. pressuring people on private matters such as career, education and personal finances is just insane.

  • james_woods

    Welcome TooBad - I am kind of new here too, and am of the same JW time frame; also a lot the same 1975, draft, and college issues. Graduated HS in 1967 from Putnam City in Okla City and 1971 from Blackwood Business College in OKC.

    (at least I did rebel enough to go to college) And I know exactly how you felt about the 1975 - a lot of us did not really believe at all but just got roped into going along so as not to make waves. Also was pioneer, assist. cong serv and then elder from 1970 to the big blow up in 1980. I got DFed in 1981 for writing a letter in support of Franz and the Dunlaps.

    PersMessage back if you want to talk the good old pioneer days!

    Your Friend, James

  • bigmouth

    A warm welcome TooBad.

    I was fascinated by your recollection of the 'months to go' beside the stage.Can you or anyone else post photos showing this. It would add to the weight of evidence showing the society sanctioned the 1975 date.


  • mouthy

    I know I have said this before. But for newbies I want to tell you I was told Melanie would never go to kindergarten....I gave up a good job to preach 1975.... I was commended for it by the elders.... Melanie died at 42 years, Alan died at 46 yrs old, My JW daughter is 60 on the 21st. But of course she is dead to me, because they tell her I am evil- so of course she shuns me.... So if any JWS are reading this ( as I know they do!!!!!!) SHAME ON THE BORG!!!!

  • jambon1

    I find it disgusting that people gave up good careers and preached this crap. It is so bad. Also, how can they claim not to have started this thing off with all the talks, books etc??

    I was told that they preached this 10 yrs ago but after getting the `official` line I swollowed it and became a zealous dub. Shame on me!

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