How often do you bathe?

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  • BlessedStar

    sounds gross huh? but it's a fact. You must be careful.


  • stillajwexelder

    shower twice a day, bathe twice per week What do you mean?

    A shower is a shower - bathe is a hot tub

  • Legolas

    LMAO.....Both every day...usually twice a day in the summer!

  • Highlander

    Here in the US we're only a generation or two removed from those that bathed once a week or once every few days. My great grandparents and my grandparents grew up in that

    generation of once a week bathing and sharing the same bathwater.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe certain races, such as asians sweat much less than others and can get away with less bathing.

    However you won't find me bathing any less than once a day.

  • BlessedStar

    A shower is a shower - bathe is a hot tub

    Bathing is bathing: Bathing is washing yourself with soap, shampooing and conditionaing your hair as often as you can (at least three or two times for the week depending on how dirty your hair gets), ofcourse when you bathe you can wet your hair your choice, then rinsing your skin with clean water.

    When you shower, you bathe.

    When you go into a hot tub, you bathe.

    Or is it : a shower just letting water run on you without soaping and cleaning yourself?

    Or is it: a hot tub bath with soaking in bubbles without washing yourself and drying off?

    What is cleaner?

    Blessed Star

  • BlessedStar

    generation of once a week bathing and sharing the same bathwater.

    ewwwww that's gross! They really did that? Oh man


  • BlessedStar

    I believe a lot of people would not respond because they may be guilty. But I just want to say that if you don't bathe and change your underwear people notice and it is very embarrassing.

    Bad body odours are not pleasant and very unhealty for the individual. So if you are such a person, I plead with you....

    Please bathe and change your underwear everyday!

    Thank you!


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    I shower everyday, occasional baths, new underware and shirt everyday. Some times at a weekend i'll not bother if i want to slob around that day (not seeing anyone though!)

    CS 101

  • Finally-Free

    Once every two weeks is sufficient. Aside from saving money on hot water it has the added benefit of keeping annoying people away from me.


  • BlessedStar

    If you are feeling down in the dumps you would feel better you'd feel better when you are clean and smelling nice.

    Don't feel down in the dumps and not bathe too, you'd feel worse.


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