How many raised as a JW have a hard time remembering holidays?

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  • Scully

    Holidays aren't too hard for me to remember. I figure I should find out when I get paid time and a half when I go to work!

    Birthdays are more of a problem though. Dangit... everyone has a different one!! I remember Mr Scully's, and the children's... and a couple of really close friends' birthdays... but everyone else... it's like a vacuum.

    It's nice at work, because we have one thoughtful soul who has everyone's birthday up on the calendar and fills in the new calendar every January so nobody gets forgotten.

    Just this week, I started plugging birthdates and anniversaries into my Contacts list so I'll get reminders - at least that way I can send an e-card or order flowers or something... and not feel like a completely socially backward and absent-minded slug.

  • rwagoner

    I tend to remember everything except son asked me how old his nanny and poppa (my parents) were and I have no idea....and even though it was a stupid thing it really bothered me that I wouldn't know something like that. LOL

  • KW13

    aha, i knew about the history thing super_becka but i didn't know what had been taken to you! Thats good

  • rebuilding

    I am always forgetting holidays! Even when I remember I feel uncomfortable during holiday gatherings, I don't know the traditions involved. - rebuilding

  • slugga

    Bonfire night is the 5th of November. Its done to celebrate the capture of Guy Fawkes who was caught red handed trying to blow up the old houses of parliament in London. Guy and his mates were a bunch of Catholic terrorists that had managed to smuggle barrels of gunpowder right into the cellars of parliament. The plan had been to blow it up when the protestant king and his government were in session in an attempt to turn England back into a catholic country. Guy was hung, drawn and quartered for it

  • Wolfgirl

    I really struggle to remember birthdays. When I forget, I explain why I was never allowed to celebrate them for most of my life, and people understand.

  • Super_Becka

    Thanks for the clarification, Slugga, I knew it was sometime around Nov. 5th, I just never remember exactly when.

    Who's up for Bonfire Night this year??

    -Becka :)

  • deeskis

    I'm pretty bad with birthdays too. I know my kids, husbands and sisters, but often forget others. i felt really bad that I had not mentioned my mum' s 70th in Dec. They're active so they probably would't have cared anyway, but I felt mean that I didn't ring her up. When I did remember this month I thought it was too late to say anything so just let it go.

  • Iforget

    FINALLY! I feel like a weight has been lifted! I cannot for the life of me remember birthday's. I have a book now dedicated to just that so I won't forget.

    I always wondered if I was being absent minded on purpose. I just struggle so bad with it. But I suppose for 25 years of my life I didn't have birthdays and then when I did celebrate mine, I had to hide it from my JW family.

  • still angry
    still angry

    I feel a lot better now...I'm usually pretty good about the big ones, unless it's an aspect I never had to do as an adult, but birthdays, Forgetaboutit! Yes, and Easter I have a hard time with. Thank God the US doesn't have the Bonfire one, it's just another that'd be missed along the way.

    I've now stocked up on all the good Belated Birthday cards, and keep a small stash of neat trinkets for gifts when I remember at the eleventh hour.

    I've found it's hard to get really excited about most holidays when I have no memories to reflect on, or family rituals to draw from.

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