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  • diamondblue1974

    Without disclosing who or where, I have a JW client who is pursuing an unfair dismissal claim and I have today managed to negotiate a hefty settlement in respect of his dispute (he was actually quite wronged to a degree). He obviously doesnt know I post here because I dont suppose he would mix with apostates (even though I have done some good work for him).

    So I presented the offer to him and some advice as to whether or not he should accept the offer and largely its a commercial decision he faces; does he carry on and continue to incur fees or does he settle now for a decent sum and cut his losses; you can imagine the scenario. Now this guy has been quite savvy all along until today!

    His response to my advice was 'that he will take it to Jehovah in prayer' and then get back to me to me tomorrow?!


    It never fails to impress me how many JWs cannot make decisions without taking it to Jehovah in prayer; I wouldnt mind its not rocket science and its not a tough decision, its a pretty damn simple one from where I sit. I get the impression however that he was saying it more for show than much else...but WTF?!

    If he had said he wants to sleep on the issue, then thats cool...its to be expected but what the hell is he expecting, divine intervention....hell my firms good but not that bloody good.

    I thought i would share this with you and give you a made me laugh anyway!


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    you have got to let us know what Jehovah told him to do.

  • luna2

    A lot of dubs based everything on prayer to Jegoober. I did. And how did I know what the Great and Powerful JAH was telling me to do? Well, that was the big question wasn't it? It seemed like if some opportunity came out of the blue, then it must be that Gawd was telling me something important and I should heed his message. I made some pretty crappy decisions this way. Magical thinking at its finest.

  • MsMcDucket

    Diamond, I didn't know that you were a lawyer! My lawyer is trying to dismiss my case regarding bilateral vocal cord paralysis and an intubation injury causing a tension pneumothorax and a stay in MICU. The lawyer wants to dismiss the case because he can't find a doctor/witness that will testify against the other doctor. How do I find a witness?

    Oh yeah! If you give me an answer, I promise you that I won't pray to Jehovah about it!

  • just2sheep


    this is meant to be informative and not critical. are you saying that this person wanting to give some thought to the decision was wrong? or were you saying that his method, praying, was wrong? or were you saying that not doing what the elders the attornies have decided is the proper thing to do was wrong? i don't know you, i do know you have a good reputation here at jwd and so i am moved to tell you that posting what you have is just plain lawyer trashy...

    if you don't like this person, or don't agree with their position, quit cashing their checks and tell them to move on. it really is that simple. if you don't respect this person or their opinions then give them a chance to find someone who does. but, don't go behind their back and giggle with your friends about how stupid they are for not taking your command, disguised as advice. you are employed by this person they are not your employee. your advice, even if it is very well advised and proper, is only your advice. i personally think you owe this person an apology, but that is my advice and not binding on you in any way.

  • misanthropic

    :: what the hell is he expecting, divine intervention....hell my firms good but not that bloody good.

    LOL it is weird how he made a big deal to tell you he was going to... what was it? Take it to Jehovah in prayer? I'm sure that was probably mostly for show, too bad he doesn't realize he wasn't getting any points from you for it.

  • KW13

    lol, they'd have a heart attack if he answered their prayer. Could you imagine? LOL and it wasn't what he wanted to do, infact it was the opposite...maybe you could play on this...send him an e-mail from Jehovah or something

    To be fair, he shouldn't of told you he was going to pray. Remember the pharasees on street corners praying for show?

  • rebel8

    I can just imagine Jehovah up there in Pleiades, hanging out in robes and scratching his beard, wondering...."hmmm, is $300k enough of a settlement or should I tell him to hold out for more? And which method of answering his prayer should I use this time? Burning bush, nah, that's so yesterday. Plagues, nah, too messy. Oh hell, I'll just ignore it as usual and let him figure it out on his own like he always does."

  • Clam

    I reckon the Big J will recommend an early settlement while telling the client to try and only instruct non Apostate solicitors in future.

  • slugga

    Sounded like the dub was just showing off when he mentioned leaving it in the hands of Jehooba, if you've have bitten you'd have been given an informal witness and he'd have put it down as an hour :)

    Had I been in *your* shoes, at the mention of "Jehovah" I'd have turned bright green, my shirt would have ripped off my body as my muscles grew enormous and I'd have screamed something like "my Ex and mother were Jehovah's witnesses and they were EVIL COWS" and then I'd have bounced a paperweight off his head.

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