My JW client!!!

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    Why'd you go back to the "Ned Kelly" get-up?

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    Kaput I reckon it's due to sexual harassment -

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    The face pic was getting me "noticed" on here. I'm kinda shy in real life and don't like being the centre of attention so the buckets back.

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    *cough* @clam

  • diamondblue1974
    this is meant to be informative and not critical. are you saying that this person wanting to give some thought to the decision was wrong? or were you saying that his method, praying, was wrong? or were you saying that not doing what the elders the attornies have decided is the proper thing to do was wrong? i don't know you, i do know you have a good reputation here at jwd and so i am moved to tell you that posting what you have is just plain lawyer trashy...
    if you don't like this person, or don't agree with their position, quit cashing their checks and tell them to move on. it really is that simple. if you don't respect this person or their opinions then give them a chance to find someone who does. but, don't go behind their back and giggle with your friends about how stupid they are for not taking your command, disguised as advice. you are employed by this person they are not your employee. your advice, even if it is very well advised and proper, is only your advice. i personally think you owe this person an apology, but that is my advice and not binding on you in any way.

    Let me point out that considering a reasonable offer of settlement is absolutely critical and so is the time taken to do so, if he wanted to consider the position for 24 hours or 24 days that is his perogative and wouldnt attract criticism from me unless needed; For the avoidance of doubt I advised him to consider the points of advice and then decide whether or not to settle.

    What surprised me is just how savvy he was prior to our discussion and then at the critical moments in relation to his case, he said he would take it to J in prayer and was quite dismissive as to the points I raised. My post was meant to highlight the very fact that JWs have difficulty in making decisions for themselves and instead of relying upon not just on my advice but that of counsel it was as though he chose to abdicate control over his own life and fail to make his own decisions. As far as being 'lawyer trashy' is concerned I am not sure where this comes from and ask that you clarify.


  • just2sheep


    in your origional post you stated "i thought i would share this with you and give you a made me laugh anyway!". that is inappropriate. because i was in a mood i used the term trashy as in throw that attitude in the trash. anyone who has had much dealing with jws know their attitudes or beliefs if you will, and either accept or reject them. and you are free to do so, but why put yourself in the employee of someone whose attitudes or beliefs you hold in such low regard? you sell this person a service and want them to trust you and take your advice, but how long do you think you would be employed by this person if they read this post. is this the only jw client you've had? if not, then my question for you would be why? and why would any jw client believe that you would put their best interests ahead of your own? personally if you don't respect me i don't trust you...this is something i deal with in the congregation every day.

    it is obvious that you wanted the ok signed on the dotted line here, here, here and here; and initial here, here, and here at the end of the meeting with this man...and thank you very much...we'll be in touch to let you know what your part, if any, of the settlement will be. been there done that. one of the things you seem to forget is that this isn't your case, it is your clients case and if he wants to sacrifice a chicken before making his decision it is his perogative. it is his decision.

    in your second post you said " my post was meant to highlight the very fact that jws have difficulty in making decisions for themselves..." . i have to ask you again, knowing it is fact that all jws have this problem, why would you take a jw as a client? i don't want to be harsh with you and i do hope i have just misunderstood your intentions and that you aren't as predjudiced as you came across in your first post...but then if i'm not mistaken then i would hope that you would give some consideration to my points.

  • Soledad

    When I was a JW I often would "go to Jehovah in prayer."

    That sonafabitch never answered.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I think you're projecting, just2. I did not take the original post to be disrespectful in any way, merely a way of poking fun at something that doesn't make sense. He said in his original post that he had no problem with the client putting thought into the matter and actually seemed to encourage it, but that doesn't stop the matter from being ludicrous that someone wants to "take it to Jehovah in prayer." You can't do ludicrous things and expect people not to giggle. It ain't gonna happen. As far as why he would want to be "employed" by such a person, he said in his first post that the client was usually rational and reasonable. Why does this have anything to do with what the post was about?

  • just2sheep


    projecting? in what way?

    actually, db74 said in the origional post "now this guy has been quite savvy all along until today!"

    my reaction to that statement was something along the lines of #1. until today he took all their advice without question and #2. what makes db74 believe that client x wasn't approaching jehova in prayer all along?

    you asked something about the employment aspect and what it had to do with the first post...if db74 did not have this person for a "client", there wouldn't have been a first post.


  • greendawn

    That is part of the JW psychology they feel hemmed in by the world and satan, they feel insecure so they turn to the father figure jehovah for help very often and for relatively minor things.

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