If you were newly inactive, did you feel pressure to attend the Memorial?

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  • xjwms

    This coming 9/11 will be 5 years of me being inactive.

    I go to the memorial because my wife is still active and its my way of keeping peace in my home.

    I get no pressure from anyone, no guilt, and no questionings about me being inactive.

    maybe its just me sooo its the least I can do to keep her happy for now.

    Besides, .. I like getting dressed to the hilt, and bling..bling...I always say how well I am...and shoot the positive energy strong.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    This is our first year of being inactive. My family, brother, sister, father, mother, nephew, husband and son, are all planning on having the memorial with each other. We want to read scriptures about Jesus' life and then pass the emblems. Though, the difference for this year will be that we plan to partake. Upon reading the scriptures, we have come to the conclusion that the new convenant applies to everyone who wants to benefit from Jesus' sacrafice. We will see how it goes. It will be nice to actually talk about Jesus on this occasion, instead of having to hear how special the F&DS are.

  • calico

    I guess I'll find out soon! My husband has asked me if I am going this year. I wonder if I will hear from anyone at the hall? I'm not sure how to feel about it!

  • lilybird

    My in-laws always pressured us to attend. We actually did once about 5 years ago. We were trying to get along as they didn't agree with shunning us,,even though elders had constantly pressured them too..It was surreal actually.. It was like being stuck in time warp. and it all seemed so silly and pathetic.. Elders told us if we wanted to come back we would have to sit at the back of the hall with no one talking to us for months until they felt we had proved ourselves "worthy' to be reinstated.. Blah..blah.. whatever.. made us realize what a waste of time the whole religion is..I felt sorry for everyone there ,,trapped in their way of thinking it was their way to everlasting life.

  • nsrn

    My mom coaxed me into coming one year to Memorial and bringing my then 5 year old for the first time. As I got out of the car with my daughter, I mumbled,"I feel like a whore in church!" and trudged in. Of course, we weren't there two minutes before my kid said loudly, "Grandma, why does Mommy feel like a whore in church?"


    Then my ever polite mother (bless her heart) said, "Well, honey, I guess she just feels a little uncomfortable here. It's been a long time since she saw some of these friends." Calm as can be.

    I have only been back for funerals since. It was just not worth the stress. And to my folks' credit, they have never asked to take my daughter again!

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    My mother pressured me to go for the first couple years after I left. Then she got down and dirty by having others from her congregation (who's territory I do not live in any more) stop by to invite me. It's a fine line to try to walk by turning down a JDub invitation to the memorial without giving them any ammunition to shoot you with.

  • Honesty

    I was afraid that I would be judged adversely for not going when I started an unsuccessful fade. I didn't realise at the time that I was denying Christ as my Lord and Savior every time I attended the WT memorial as an 'observer'.

  • witnessscorn

    I wouldn't feel guilty, unless your "anointed" you not really a part of it anyone. I have missed severl when I was active and nobody missed me. I was s ervent at the time.

  • luna2

    I think I did attend the first year...I had totally stopped going out door to door and was missing way more meetings than I was attending, but I think I did go to the memorial (its all fading from memory now lol). It was real exiciting. I went by myself, sat by myself, said hello to maybe two people and then went home....Big whoop.

    The second year into my fade, I was called and "invited" to go, but I didn't bother. I still believed and all, but I felt like too much of an outsider.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Of course, we weren't there two minutes before my kid said loudly, "Grandma, why does Mommy feel like a whore in church?"


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