fluffyfoofoo esp for sparky & daystar (hey baby, what's your sign?)

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  • GoingGoingGone

    Virgo - It fits!

    Chinese sign is Rabbit - That fits too!


  • Chimene

    Verticle Oracle cardCapricorn (December 22-January 19)
    Readers sometimes ask me about Ophiuchus, the supposed 13th constellation. They've heard that it should be included in astrological thinking, and that it messes up the whole zodiacal system. Here's the truth: The proponents of Ophiuchus are self-described debunkers who hate astrology. Furthermore, they haven't actually taken the trouble to educate themselves about the ancient art. If they did even a smattering of honest investigation, they'd see how irrelevant their theory is. Let this serve as a cautionary tale, Capricorn. Right now it's crucial that you get your facts straight before critiquing anyone. Make sure that those who want to analyze you do the same. And beware of red herrings, straw men, and fool's gold.

    Straw men??????

  • Brigid

    p.s. Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus and Libra (love of the sensual, artistic, pleasurable side of life).

    Mercury is Gemini's (boy, can they talk!)

    Saturn is Capricorn.

    Uranus (no chuckles from the peanut gallery) rules Aquarian.


  • daystar


    Oh that's right, how could I forget my third set of horns?

    Maybe a scorpio, known for their, shall we say...prowess could keep up but even then, I'm not so sure!

    Funny you should mention, I tend to have a love/hate relationship with scorpios for all of the reasons you might imagine. Male scorpios can tend to be my distinctly opposed rivals.

    In fact, the very first enemy I made in my adult life was a scorpio Witch who used his, very intense, charisma to bend a small group of rather lost teens to his will, into a sort of energy Vampire cult. I was very young myself and not very educated in such ways, but I fought him the best ways I knew how.

    A few years later, we met again, by chance. His little cult had dispersed some time before. But this time, after a clash of Wills, he greeted me with mutual respect. We simply agreed to generally stay out of each other's ways.

  • lonelysheep

    I married a Taurus

  • lola28

    I am a Sag


  • misanthropic

    Libra CharacteristicsLibra is very sociable and likes being a part of a group. Libras have gentle and refined personalities and like to be praised and pampered. Libras are perfectionists. They like to give fair justice when they hear all disputing sides. Libras are loyal, caring, nice, and adaptive. Libras are very trustworthy in friendships and relationships. Sometimes this makes them unreasonably possessive to other people. Libras like large, open spaces like halls and stadiums. They like to be out in nature. The sign is ruled by Venus. Libras also are very devoted to what they do and always try to get things done with excellence. Libras are good judges, managers, writers and social workers.


  • arrowstar


    Year of the Horse

  • misanthropic

    Arrow is a Libra too.......

    I knew there was just somethin' really special about you.

  • littlerockguy

    1968 AQUARIOUS

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