What Does the Bible Really Teach??

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  • Honesty
    But, now that you have checked them out you've found some dificult to reconcile information. Perhaps you can beat the dubs to the punchline. They will tell her quite quickly during her bible study that her friends and family will try to intervene and stop her studying. They will ensure that she knows that your intervening or anyone else's for that matter is from the Devil. The devil will stop at nothing to interrupt her path to true knowledge.

    Sound bogus? Trust me, it is regular fare for a bible study. I'm sure many here were taught that same thing; I taught many that same thing myself. In fact if you start disparaging the dubs after she's been told to expect it you simply fall into the dubs trap. They appear to be accurate in their prediction of your negative attitude. It can cement a new bible study further into the group.

    Pay close attention to the above because it will mean the difference of keeping her as your loving spouse or you being replaced by the Watchtower as her loving spouse. The Watchtower has a history of coming between spouses in many ways if one of them does not fall for their deception.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    The issues you mentioned, trinity and hellfire are major issues that the Watchtower uses to persuade it's members into thinking they have absolute truth. Members are taught things "from the Bible" that are easy to understand and make sense. They begin to trust the Society. Once their trust has been gained, they are then encouraged to "have faith" in Gods organization. In essence, Jehovah's Witnesses eventually become what they condem in others, mainly followers of a man made religion. This is well hidden, and most members do not realize it.
    Many go after the Society saying that their ideas on the trinity are wrong, and that there is hellfire, and other things such as this. That kind of discussion to me is pointless. Take this point, even if they DO have logical correct doctrinal points, does that make them God's only approved worship? JW's are lead to believe the answer to this is, YES!
    The reason I suggested reading the Revelation and Daniel book is because they give you a glimpse into what the WTS is really all about, their own interpretation of the Bible. You will see their very self centered theories claiming that they alone have Gods favor, sometimes spelt out in very vivid and arrogent ways.
    The biggest mistake I ever made with the Witnesses (and what I think most of us has made) is that we got convinced by their reasonings to early, to soon. They constantly point to the Bible as their guide, and to most new members it really appears that it is that way. Only by digging deeper into the religion will you be able to see that not everything is "Bible based" but is also based upon their own opinions. Like every other Christian group, they have their own bias in interpreting the scriptures. Good luck.

  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks again all, I realize that fighting the doctrine issues is a very difficult undertaking and I know that I am not equipped to do, at least at present. With respect to being the only true religion, how do I pose a question such as that without seeming like I am on the attack or trying to cutdown the dubs? I saw an interesting article titled "Are Jehovah's Witnesses the only True Religion?" on the jwreform website which to me raises some interesting questions. Since my wife is still not rejecting reading 'apostate' literature and even though the jwreform website is sympathetic to the jws, can I direct her to that site, or should my approach be different.

    Her bible studies are when I am not home, so I am unable to ask questions personally, how do I plant the seeds in her mind to get her to think and ask questions on her own without seeming like the devil that she will be warned about.

    Thanks again so much everyone for your wonderful support!!

  • ezra

    well,since most of you are living in the united states,why dont you allow her the right to freedom of religion and allow her to make her own choices ,shes the one that shall have to live with the decision and it is wrong to expect her to live your life instead of her own,those freedoms apply to everyone,not just a select few who choose to make choices for others

  • Chimene


    Check out silentlambs.com, you'll find out the truth about truth

  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks everyone for your assistance with this, if you have any further ideas, please keep them coming. I will be at the bookstore ordering Raymond Franz's books on Monday.

    This forum sure is a wonderful resource and support group!

  • poppers

    ezra said, "shes the one that shall have to live with the decision"
    But her decision will have consequences that can effect everyone she knows, especially those who aren't jw - so others have to live with her decision as well.

  • jschwehm

    You might find the following website helpful.


    Jeff Schwehm


  • onesong


    Check out all of Runningman's work on Biblical accounts that would NEVER appear in their book.

  • theistichedonist

    Hi searchingfortruth,

    I recently posted a review of a portion of chapter 5 of the book What Does the Bible Really Teach. In this chapter, the WT discusses the Fall and Ransom of mankind. You can locate the posting at: http://theistichedonist.blogspot.com/ The entry is titled, "Witnessing to the Witnesses" Following is a brief outline and excerpt of the posting:

    1. What – according to the Watchtower – was lost at the Fall? (Transcript of pg. 48-50)

    a. Adam’s “perfect human life with all it’s blessings.”

    2. What ransom can be repaid to recover what Adam lost?

    a. A perfect human life – namely Jesus Christ

    3. Survey of the passage and a response

    a. Who is God?

    b. Why does God exist?

    c. What did God lose when Adam fell?

    4. Closing remarks.

    5. Final questions.

    Brief excerpt: "It will be the contention of my review that correctly understanding “the ransom” must be preceded by an accurate understanding of what Adam and God lost at the Fall.

    One of the fascinating things that the reader will notice upon reading pages 48-50 of WDTBRT, is how consistently the WT focuses on what Adam lost when he sinned....One of the pressing questions for the WT is this: Is Adam’s perfect life the primary thing that was lost in the Fall? This question is raised because it appears that although Adam’s loss was profoundly devastating, it was peanuts compared to what God lost in the Fall."

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