What Does the Bible Really Teach??

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  • Elsewhere
    her history book does show the correct date for the fall of Jerusalem <grin>).

    Good catch.

    Remember that the Watchtower Society believes they were chosen by Jesus as the Faithful and Discrete Slave in 1919 as a result of Jesus returning in 1914. If the year for the fall of Jerusalem is not 607 BCE then that means that Jesus did not return in 1914. If Jesus did not return in 1914 then the Watchtower Society was not chosen as the Faithful and Discrete Slave in 1919.

    ALSO... very important...

    The Watchtower Society will try to tell her that they predicted that Jesus would return BEFORE it happened... but this is a lie. In reality back in the lat 1800's they said that Jesus returned in 1874 and that the Great Tribulation would END in 1914... basically the end of the world would be in 1914.

    The Watchtower Society did not teach that Jesus returned in 1914 until well into the 1930's.



  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks again so much for all the support, I know I need help when dealing with this and the information on this forum is wonderful as well as the responsiveness and very insightful responses of the members.

    Keep the ideas coming either by a post or a message, it is more appreciated than any of you all realize!

  • AuldSoul


    Here's an idea...study the book with her with a questioning eye. In other words, take the initiative to take the study over from her mother or congregant explaining that if it is true and you can get a relationship with God from the book and the Bible then you guys can just cut out the middlemen. They will have a hard time explaining to your wife why that won't be okay, especially if you pull 1 Corinthians 11:3 on them.

    (NWT) 1 Corinthians 11:3—But I want YOU to know that the head of every man is the Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man; in turn the head of the Christ is God.

    Explain that you think it would be better for your family if you "conducted the study" with her. That is specific JW wording and they will have little wiggle room. If they bring up any objections explain that you would hate to think they might try to replace you in God's "headship arrangement" (another JW trigger phrase). You are actually in a really good position to keep her from going through wih this.

    Then follow through: study the book with her (with the aid of many more Scriptures than the book covers) going off-script freely throughout the book. We will happily help you with that.


  • jgnat

    Remember, ask questions. I think it is a GREAT idea to ask for your own copy so you can follow along. The study leader will be determined to "stick to the program", so if you read the material critically and have some questions ready for each week, you should be able to get the lady to break out in a sweat.

    And as you said, your wife can start practicing her newly acquired "critical thinking" skills. I do hope she's registered for a Philosophy 101 course of some kind.

  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks Auld Soul, sounds like a good plan, she has a chapter 1 study (I think) tomorrow evening. This may work very well because she is very busy at school and this would let her not have to be as rigid with her planned times. What about meeting attendance?? I attend a Lutheran church and she finds much of the traditions very strange to the point of being sins, I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO ATTEND ANY MEETINGS!!!!

    Appreciate all the help, keep it coming, will pose any additional questions!!

  • insearchoftruth

    No philosophy yet, but wants to take a religion class next semester, wouldn't the fds love that!

  • metatron

    The book is a fraud. How so?

    Because it doesn't mention disfellowshipping - even though it is designed to bring people all the way to baptism.

    This is a form of fraud. If the Watchtower Society was a bank or credit card company and they tried to conceal something

    like this from potential customers, they would end up in court. Yet, because they hide behind the First Amendment, they can get

    away with this deception.

    Clearly, Watchtower leaders don't want new converts to become aware of their policies on breaking up families

    and friendships. This should tell you how dishonest they are.


  • IMustBreakAway

    My dad is studying this book with my little sister in preperation for baptism. (she is 14, but homeschooled and still very "young"). I also am looking for interesting questions to post to her while she is studying.. Nothing blatant just things to encourage her to be a free thinker. (i already to lots of science stuff with her because she didn't get much science in homeschool, and we both are addicted to scifi) I think i can include this in the unoffical education that i am already engaged with for her. I am pretty sure if i can post-pone baptism for 4 years she will come to the same conclusion that i did. And yet wouldn't be stuck like i was.. (and am)

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    That book is so general, it says nothing of what the Watchtower really is! I suggest looking around the various sites and getting info on stuff like
    -607 B.C.E. not a historical date
    -Failed date interpretations (1874,1914,1925,1975)
    I also suggest get copies of their more "internal" books, such as the Daneil book and the Revelation book. The revelation book will blow your mind! It is full of crazy theories about how Gods purpose is all tied into the Watchtower and "modern day fullfillment". I suggest reading this stuff early, it gives you a taste of what the religion is really all about.

  • insearchoftruth

    With respect to the Daniel book or the Revelation book, should I read them or have her read them?? She may have already been exposed to a lot of that stuff from her jw family. She also has cousins who are wonderful loving Baptists. It is interesting that last thanksgiving we celebrated with her cousins who are not jw and my wife commented on how she did not realize that religious choice could make such a difference in the love in a family, and she still entertains their beliefs.

    I really think what she holds most of the jw beliefs is there is no Trinity and that there is no place of eternal torment. Other than that I think she is fairly undecided. I also think she has not studied any of the history and therefore has no idea of the track record of the GB.

    Thanks again to everyone, you are all wonderful and I appreciate and need your support and help!

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