How many of you have made a deal

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  • candidlynuts

    i wont look..cuz i KNOW.............i'm too cooooool to be hot!

  • IP_SEC

    ok im less pissy today. It aint about really whether I get mentioned or not. Im sooo past what ppl think of me. Its about who doesnt. ppl get forgotten. See Im sensitive to that for the afore mentioned reason. Then there is the inevitable "hey what about me posts" I've seen the pouty faces ppl make when they dont make the cut for whatever reason.

    Aww fuggit about it. I was just in a bad mood.

    Ok I looked.

    Thanks Joelbear. I'd walk down the beach with ya. Talk about pottery and whatever. Have a few beers and a toke.

  • JH

    Although it was only fluff, it's fluff that can hurt people's feelings, when they are once more not chosen.

  • slugga
    IP Joelbear Slugga
    use your imagination.


    this is just Soooooo Wrong!

    Get behind me SATAN !

    No wait!!!

    Stay where I can see you!


  • lonelysheep

    I made a deal with myself not to respond to them yet do so anyway. It's very difficult to list everybody. JWD is full of hot people. Hot isn't only, if at all, looks, either.

    Plus, me personally, am a tad afraid to make an ass out of myself with the endless amount of names.


    Well, how would you like to have the best looking dog avatar and not get but 1 mention? I mean that REALLY hurts! LOL...Please! IP_SEC, all you have to do is look in the mirror and one word should come to mind-HOT! Now, get over it!

    I started an ugly avatar thread and Daystar was the obvious winner...and then he got mentioned quite often on the other threads...go figure!

    It's kind of nice to have a few fluff threads just to lighten things up around one should get their feelings hurt. It takes all of us to make this forum what it is. I'm sure if there were other threads started, like who is the sweetest, kindest, etc. everyone would get mentioned! Please don't start anymore...we've had enough for a while!

    Then if everyone would take their shirt off like Enigma...well I'm sure you can see where that would lead!!! It's nice he did though, I'm not complaining!

    Swalker (always a fan of Tetra...thanks for the mention! Love that rugged Canadian look/beard! WOW )

  • sass_my_frass

    DOH! Busted!

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