Religion, what is it to you?

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  • greendawn

    What does religion mean to you? Is it just an organised system of dogmas propagared by its adherants, is it a psycho-therapeutic system, the body of Christ, or the way one lives out the things he believes? Or something else?

  • Legolas
    Religion, what is it to you?

    A word...A dirty word!

  • Mastodon

    Absolute crap...

  • fullofdoubtnow

    My religion used to everything to me, I lived, and maybe would have died for it.

    And now? I agree with legolas, it's just a word, it means nothing to me anymore.

  • Smiles_Smiles

    To me religion provides a sense of security for those who need it. Medicine until one has found a state of health/conscousness were regimented dogma and guidelines are no longer needed nor wanted.

  • jonsey

    As Jimmy Buffet would say from his song "Fruitcakes"

    ...Where's the church, who took the steeple
    Religion is in the hands of some crazy-ass people
    Television preachers with bad hair and dimples
    The god's honest truth is it's not that simple
    It's the Buddhist in you, it's the Pagan in me
    It's the Muslim in him, she's Catholic ain't she?
    It's the born again look its the WASP and the Jew
    Tell me what's goin on, I ain't gotta clue


    ps...yes I am a parrothead!

    pss and yes you would expect me to tie a song in with me being a DJ...LOL

  • alamb

    It has no place in my life anymore, it has been replaced by spirituality.

    I see it as a crutch to the weak, and a control mechanism for the powerful.

  • Undecided

    Religion? What's that?

    Ken P.

  • Honesty
    It has no place in my life anymore, it has been replaced by spirituality.

    And when everything is said and done that is all that matters.

  • Gretchen956

    Religion = 0

    Spirituality = 1

    Total reversal.


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