They're Making The Elderly Feel Guilty If They Don't Phone Witness

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  • minimus

    All the Assemblies are pushing older ones to pick up the phone and preach. My mom told me that she heard on the tape (she can't make conventions due to illness) that an 82 year old sister was on the platform because she was a phone preacher. Poor things probably can't hear, are screaming and who's going to slam the phone on a old man or woman?? The Watchtower Society is always thinking.

  • JH

    This could explain the phone call my mom received a few days ago. It was a witness phoning to offer a bible study. Gee, it was the first time in 35 years a Witness phoned my mom instead of coming to the door.

  • Think

    The right answer for mag peddlers on phone:

    Hello UtopiaTower ? O, soorry be don't buy anything from False Prophet !


    As if telephone witnessing would even have a chance of being successful. Nobody wants to be sold anything on the phone, telemarketers are so annoying to most of us arent they?

  • mouthy

    This is not something new. When I was a JW we were told that if we were old, sick, that is how we could get our time in. Go through the phone book & write to folks.... ( when I was sick I did) I am not sick anymore brecause I "threw UP" the "LIE"!!!! Thank GOD!!!

  • greendawn

    In this commercial company you never get a retirement they always have to work though I heard it's just for 15 minutes per month for the elderly. That's all part of their high pressure policy they have on the preaching issue.

  • DannyHaszard
  • Elsewhere

    Is the WTS bound by the Do-Not-Call list?

  • DannyHaszard

    I will never forget circa 1982 DO "Rathtopolis (sic) from the Natick Massachusetts circuit assembly put us all to shame with a story of an elderly sister,her upper body crippled from a stroke 'shared' the good news via telephone and dialed with her toes.

  • minimus

    Danny, I remember Raftopolous giving that talk. Made everyone feel they HAD to do more!!!

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