Got any dirty tricks up your sleeve?

by ButtLight 14 Replies latest social humour

  • MsMcDucket

    Another joke in the same vein as the one my husband pulled is the diamond pin gift. You put a dime and a pin (safety pin) in a jewelry box. You tell the person you bought them a diamond pin. When they open the box, they get a "dimeNpin".

  • pratt1

    I played this trick on a few people at work.

    If you have a phone that the receiver unscrews, cover the mouthpiece with tape, and then wait for the phone to ring and watch the person trying to talk on a call where the other party can't hear their voice. This is really fun with "A" types.

  • Gerard

    Seran wrap covering the toilet bowl.

  • whyamihere

    Ohhhhh....I remember a good one! This really pissed off my sister.

    What you do is put baby powder, or flour in someones hair dryer. Tap it until powder is all the way down, then clean off the sides. Carefully put it down, and wait for the scream. Always a good laugh.


  • ButtLight

    Ha ha all good ones!

    Brooke, I am going to have to pull the hair dryer one on my daught tonight. My luck, she wont take a shower, and I will use it tomarrow and forget what I did!

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