Got any dirty tricks up your sleeve?

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  • ButtLight

    I havent pulled too many pranks in my life, but I would love to! The last one I pulled, was on my brother. I cut a piece of limburger cheese the size and shape of a bar of soap, and put it in his shower. It stunk up the whole bathroom!! Took a while for him to figure out where the smell was coming from! (too bad he didnt grab it and wash his face with it!) Anyone have any funny pranks you pulled, or know of?

  • IP_SEC
    Got any dirty tricks up your sleeve?


  • sir82

    A couple come to mind, when I was a houseguest of some practical jokesters.

    They hid an alalrm clock under the bed where my wife & I were sleeping, set to full volume, and it went off at like 3 in the morning. Scared the $#!+ out of us.

    In revenge, I emptied his sock drawer, mismatched every single pair he had, then put them back.

    Then, I got a roll of dental floss, and threaded it through the sleeves/legs of every garment in his closet.

    good times!

  • daystar
    I cut a piece of limburger cheese the size and shape of a bar of soap, and put it in his shower.

    That is genius!!

  • JH

    I didnt do this but felt like doing it. Maybe I might...

    My parents buy many lotto tickets every week, and look at the numbers to see if they won as they get up.

    So, since i get up early, I was thinking of entering the 6 winning numbers, for the next draw, and going to my parents and replacing their tickets with the ones I just entered manually. So, when my parents check their tickets for the day, they will actually be checking the tickets for next draw, but they won't notice, and they will see that they WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For a few seconds, there eyes will pop out of their head and they will look at the winning ticket again and again, comparing the numbers and not the date.

  • ButtLight

    I saw a show on tv, with practical jokes to play, and one would be fun to try! You take a thin, clear piece of tubing, hook it to where the water comes out in the back of the toiled. String it up and cover it up, and when they flush, they get soaked!

    Cutting a small hole in the back of a ketchup bottle, so when they turn it upside down and squeeze it, it squirts them.

  • JH

    My grandfather had a store, and he glued or screwed a coin to the counter, and many were trying to grab it, while he wasn't looking.....

    He found that funny seeing people trying to grab it.

  • JH

    I remember someone squirting some disappearing ink on me....

    At first it acts like real ink all over your favourite sweater, then it fades away and dryes up, and nothing is left after a few minutes.

  • MsMcDucket

    My husband played a prank on me. He gave me a small jewelry box. I was suprised and happy. When I opened it up, a bug on a spring jumped out! I screamed and threw the box down! It wasn't a real bug, but it scared the heck out of me!

  • whyamihere

    Oh many.....

    My favorites was the cream cheese/ deodorant prank.

    Take their deodorant, take out the remaining stick. Then add cream cheese, put it in the empty deodorant container. Shape it to make it look real. Then put it away and wait for the "Brooke I am going to kill you"

    Oh I was such a brat!


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