Are Internet Apostates making the tower wobble?

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  • unclebruce

    g'day all,

    Yaddayadda has an interesting post about us taking the fight directly back to the congregations. All fine and dandy if you can stomach that type of thing. I on the other hand think internet apostates should continue doing what they do best (and most enjoy). I believe that sites like JWD have had a huge effect in white-anting the Watchtowers powerbase.

    We know that the Society continually responds and adapts to information posted on the net. The Brooklyn Bible Scholars use every trick in the book to protect their flock'n sheep. The Watchtower often smells of premptive strikes against unknown opposers.

    I have been offline for quite a while now but imagine many a doorknocking JW has been confronted with printouts and info gleaned from the www. I've met a number of church ministers and priests who have researched sites on the net for info on JW'S & the WBTS (you never know who's watching folks

    Are you making the tower wobble? Can anyone direct me to posts on this subject or info confirming the gut feeling that internet apostacy is having a positive effect on JW numbers, morale etc..?

    Thankyou, unclebruce

  • Legolas

    I would say..Yes it is!

    Just look at all the newbies we get daily!

  • Think

    unclebruce, it is big Wobble ! check post in "Question to American". Numbers go dow, and they spend over a billion hrs in preaching !!! What a waste of time !

    FrankenstainTower wobble !

  • Golf

    UB, how about the "Tower of Pisa?' It's leaning, the waters are starting to dry up.


  • jgnat

    Well, I have a personal testimony to share.

    I stumbled upon a fellow congregation member in a chatroom on the internet. She was well along on her fade when I met her. She shared some insights on how some of our fellow-congregation members really thought about us. It was an eye-opener, that's for sure. I thought it was funny, but my JW honey not so much so. He decided to confront the gossiper.

    You can imagine the result. The elders were up-in-arms not about the offence, but that "fringe" members of the congregation were freely talking to each other over the internet. They wanted names. They wanted blood. As a consequence, she doesn't attend meetings any more. And my husband's trust in the "elder arrangement" is irrepairably damaged.

  • Think

    Tower od Pisa is leanning, that is a fact, but was newer considered a "Noah's Ark" or only true channel from God. UtopiaTower is just a middleman and magazine peddler, but claim to be the only God's moutpiece.

    According to them, they hold the keys to everlasting life, they are the only gate to heaven.

    A... ... Stargate ? or more like.... a.....very, very.... manure... gate ?

  • Clam

    Bruce I hope so. I liked part of Terry's post this morning which said:

    JW's are taught to FEAR information that might show the other side of the issue. If they really had THE TRUTH they'd be overjoyed to face any question by any person because they could easily demonstrate how wrong it was

    I'd love to think that if a householder has been visited by what they think are sincere people who have chatted with them and left them Watchtowers, they would then log onto the net to get as much info as they could. When they find this religion has a laughable record of failed prophecies, smashes families apart and is infested with paedophiles, then hopefully they'll tell any future door knockers why they want nothing to do with them. Consequently both parties get the message and free flowing information continues to strangle the dying cult.

  • unclebruce

    Legolas - the power has certainly shifted from the days when apostates were dumped out in the cold.

    Think - many thanks for the link and the info you posted there.

    jgnat - thankyou - an interesting update. I recently visited JW relatives I haven't seen for 10 years and they expressed great surprise that I could book accomodation over the net - they must think the web's pure evil

    G'day Golf

    I believe the Italian government just spent a few zillion lira propping up that baby.


  • Think

    Exactly ! Absolutly !

    The Truth will choke the ImpostorTower !!!

    They are playing with lies, they are siting on the surface of ice, and the GLOBAL Warming is COMMING !

    Any lifeboats left ?

  • unclebruce

    I hope it works like that too Clam,

    Geez, I thought witnessing was drudgery twenty years ago - it must be misery to the max now (i'm getting deporessed thinking about it).

    It'd be interesting to hear from people who've more recently been 'active witnesses'.


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