JW's poor attitude to medical staff

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  • Clam

    I am well aware of the ethical principles germane to the medical community, and understand their importance.

    I also know of a local JW woman who died in childbirth after hemorrhaging. She left behind twin babies now without a mother. The law in the UK allows for a court order to override a JW parent’s refusal for its child to receive blood. However it also allows a consenting adult to refuse blood and let their dependants face the consequences of loss.

    The problem with the blood issue is that it is confusing rank and file JWs. Once it was simple, JW’s could not accept blood transfusions period. The policy change allows fractions and allows JWs to access donated and stored blood supplies. Yet JWs are commanded to abstain from blood.

    This position is already anomalous. Where will it end?

    Medical staff are well aware of this, while having a group of suited men with bibles in hospital foyers and waiting rooms bringing pressure to bear on Witnesses who are in life threatening situations yet confused over the WTS’s blood transfusion policy. These patients are expected to place their trust in a non medically educated group, ie the HLC, rather than their own conscience and medical staff who simply want to save their lives.

    Dr Shaz. You say that if doctors and medical staff were to put aside their non ethical interests when dealing with JW, then HLC’s would not be necessary. I say that if the WTS’s

    blood policy was clear and rational, then JWs would be able to make an informed decision on their own. Then HLC’s wouldn’t be necessary.

  • Clam

    TD thanks for the Watchtower quote by the way. It's always nice to see points of reference,LOL.

  • rebel8
    My question really is why are JWs. ( some if not all ) hostile to medical staff? Is it purely because of the blood transfusion issue?

    No. The WT despised the medical community long b4 it banned blood transfusions. IMO it was a cultist technique, creating fear of outsiders while promoting trust in the org. Below are some examples. (I am creating a brochure on this topic which will be obtainable for free on my website within the next day or 2. I discreetly leave them in doctor's office waiting rooms.)

    Aluminum pans cause death and cancer. [See illustration.]

    The size and shape of a person’s head and nose affects his intelligence and personality.

    Christ will use intravenous drugs in the Millennium.

    Heart transplants cause mental illness; organ transplantation is cannibalism.

    Honest demons say radium cures disease.

    Colds are cured by jumping while naked.

    Point your head north to benefit from the Earth’s magnetic currents.

    Vaccines are made of infected pus, cause demonism and are against the Bible. [See illustration.]

    Aspirin causes heart diseases.

    The WTS has the cure for skin cancer (1908).

    Radio wave vibrations can diagnose and treat all types of illness.

    X-Rays will harm your future grandchildren.

    Ultraviolet rays are good for you.

    Pacifiers cause infection; removal of tonsils is never necessary.

    There is no such thing as germs and rabies.

    Appendicitis is caused by worms and is cured by eating peppermint.

    All diseases are intestinal.

    The cure for liver disease is drinking olive oil.

    Kerosene heals cuts.

    Chewing gum decreases saliva.

    Psychiatry is unnecessary and leads to sin; psychologists are stupid monkeys.

    Doctors are dangerous, incompetent, evil Jews like those who crucified Christ.

    Blood transfusions cause mental illness, criminal behavior, and cancer to return.

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  • jojochan

    It's because of their lack of trust in the medical profession in general because of the blood issue imho. How do you thik I feel? I've been in the medial profession for over 7 years, and I used to hear assinine comments from the platform about the dangers of taking blood products when now it is a concience issue, why even NEED a blood card? Use a d.p.a intead. I would hear hlc elders make remarks on how NOT to trust the doctors and staff, and to ALWAYS cling to the organization in regards to protecting yourself(this is for those that choose to stick to the collective). To me the only way to protect you rself is to EDUCATE YOURSELF AND HAVE NO ONE SPOONFEED YOU IN REGARDS OF YOUR CONDITION. I've seen it TOO many times. They're there for a reason, and that is to watch YOU! Again, you want to be aware of YOUR situation? Don't be afraid to ask questions in regards of your medical treatments, get online, read current information on your condition. Get reputable sources. EDUCATION...my anti-drug.


  • Scully
    if doctors and medical staff were to put aside their non ethical interests when dealing with JW, then HLC’s would not be necessary. I say that if the WTS’s blood policy was clear and rational, then JWs would be able to make an informed decision on their own. Then HLC’s wouldn’t be necessary.

    I think it's extremely important to ensure that medical personnel understand what the underlying purpose of the HLC is. It is not, as the WTS would have everyone believe, the purpose of the HLC to ensure that JWs wishes to not have blood transfusions are respected. The real [but unstated] purpose of the HLC is to ensure that JWs who might otherwise consent to a blood transfusion or blood products are intimidated into refusing blood transfusions and blood products.

    It is up to medical personnel to act as the patient's advocate whenever this situation exists. Being coerced into a life-threatening situation with a supposed Eternal Life™-threatening alternative is unacceptable. Part of the coercive tactics are the WTS publications that are chock-full of misinformation, misleading and out of context quotes, that are designed to lead the JW to making decisions that are not informed nor are they in the person's best interests.

    If the WTS put aside its unethical interests - in the form of misquotes, out of context quotes and twisting information with the intent to influence JWs to make decisions that would be to their detriment - then JWs would be able to make fully informed decisions, and HLCs would be unnecessary all together.

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