Back Pain and Triggerpoint Injections

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  • ameliasmom

    I know this is not really "on topic, but just wondering if anyone else suffered from chronic back and neck pain. I have been in constant pain for years (really, years). I have tried everything from acupuncture to chiropractors to rolfing, neurologists, orthopedists, etc. and have had no real relief. I finally succumbed to a referral to a pain clinic, and got triggerpoint injections today. I can't tell if they are going to help yet or not, but they really hurt when the doctor gave them to me. Does anyone have any experience with triggerpoint injections? Any other ideas for me to try? I am just don't feel like I accomplish anything right now, because of the pain. I just want to get out of pain so I can simply function.



  • Odrade

    Yes, triggerpoint injections can be very helpful if trigger points are the cause of your pain. They typically inject them with lidocaine, which numbs them enough for the surrounding muscles to quit being so reactive. Injections are best followed by massage therapy, especially assisted or "PNF" (proprioneuroreceptor facilitation) stretching, and trigger point massage to help deactivate satellite points that weren't injected.
    Ask your osteopath (or whoever your physician is) for a recommendation to a trained massage therapist who can work on this issue and communicate with your doc about location of pain. A good therapist will take a detailed assessment, maybe even more detailed than your doctor.


    I have to get them quite often...follow your drs. instructions and it does help. (Keep moist heat on and don't do anything strenous for a few days!) I kept having terrible neck pain and finally told my dr. that I thought I had cervical spinal stenosis...went in for a neck MRI with dye and it showed that I had 2 discs cutting halfway into my spinal cord! I had surgery and the relief was unbelievable. I checked around and made sure I got the best neurosurgeon in the city! Sometimes you have to demand extra testing!!!

    I still suffer from 3 problematic discs in my lower back and have to get spinal epidurals as needed and also trigger point injections. I am waiting for technology to improve and will probably end up having surgery on my lower back also.

    Massage therapy really is great for the muscles and helps with pain also...


  • Robdar

    I don't know a lot about this subject but my sister says that they work for her. I am sure she would recommend them.

  • curlygirl

    I hear that Cranial Sacral work can do wonders for chronic pain sufferers.


  • upside/down

    I have and continue to suffer the same malady...

    I've had the no avail.

    I've (unfortunately) grown weary of searching for a "cure" and have resigned myself to endure as best I can. But if someone has some serious info that isn't "quackery"... I'm all ears.

    u/d(of the has made huge adjustments in order to keep living class)

  • Robdar

    I hear that Cranial Sacral work can do wonders for chronic pain sufferers.

    Although they taught Cranial Sacral therapy at the massage institute I attended, I've never seen it do wonders for chronic pain sufferers. It does, though, help release stored anxiety. That can help out with pain management.

  • damselfly

    Hi Ameliasmom, What is the cause of the chronic pain? Muscular/Neuro/Structral/other?

    The cause of the pain will determine what treatment will work best for you.

    The triggerpoint injections I haven't had any experience with, I get my trigger points treated with massage therapy and then use a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises to prevent then from reoccurring. I'm also a RMT and insist that my clients do the same, otherwise they will return. I also refer to an atheletic therapist to further these exercises.


  • still angry
    still angry

    No success with this with my condition (Degenerative Disc Disease in 4 discs, lower back), however, I have the steriod epidural every few years when I can't take the pain anymore. They seem to help, at least for a number of months.

    Unfortunately, it seems that many suffer from back pain and there are very few options. If you have explored all the traditional and non traditional methods, and haven't found any that work, you have two choices really, both poor ones. Live with it somehow, or have a surgery that guarantees very little success and probability of more pain. At least, these are the choices as I understand them now. I am in Madison, WI, which does a lot of bio genetic engineering and other medical research. They are still working on replacement discs here that are much more suitable than the ones currently in use in Europe, etc., and the beginning stats of trial research are looking really good. So I just keep my fingers crossed...Good luck to you, I feel your pain.


    Still Angry---you have the epidural injections every few years??? I have to have them every 3 to 4 months....maybe you should consider them more often. I heard also that it helps tremdously to drink lots of water!!! I am trying to drink more than usual here lately!!!


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