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  • unclebruce
    It's a lot harder for third world countries to log on line and google JW's considering that they dont even have running water let alone electricity.

    Sadly so Darth and their fascination with and desire for all things western won't help them either. In the early 70's I pioneered with a diamond cutter in Papua who learned Cantonese specifically to go pioneering in China (he was just a little ahead of his time I guess).

  • rootofallevil


    Those are interesting numbers you posted.

    If I may, I would like to add that of that 4% that actually get baptized as a result of the Bible study, a significant number is made up of children being "bible studied" by their parents. What part of that 4% i don't know. If anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

    So in reality, less than 4% are actually coming "in to the truth" as a result of the preaching work. The number of hours required to convert one individual is even greater.

    Just a thought!!!

  • Think


    Welcome to the Forum, and thaks for comment. You have a good point, I don't trust much in the posted numbers, I know there are is a lot of cooking going on, and they constantly change the rules without much explanation to the members.

    Parents are reporting as a bible study with their own children, so you are are right, they are INCLUDED in the 4% of total.

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