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  • Shazard

    Does WT loose ground in USA, so thy try to "convert" other parts where people are not informed about JW and WT and probably coz of not knowing english, does not have access to ex-JW information?

  • TD


  • IP_SEC

    Exactly Shaz.

    It is a business. If something isnt profitable, you dump it. English awake once a month. Shut down beth'el.

    Hope like hell China opens up to the work.

  • joelbear

    i think you can compare it to cigarette companies whose sales are diminishing in the US, so now going after countries where the truth about health effects are less known.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Shazard

    You have to consider where converting currently works best for the JW. Spanish speaking, 3rd world countries welcome them with open arms. For example the Dominican Republic. After all what else do those poor people have to look foward to. They admire these nutcases coming out in the jungle dressed in long dresses & suitcoats and ties and giving them free magaizine, books etc.


  • Think

    They have the Central Nerve here, in New York, USA, their HQ. NY is considered the Capital of the World by many. They are losing the Thao war here, for many NYorkers especially, they are a Bad Odor. Millions are leaving, millions more will follow.

  • Shazard

    Atleast thanks that American ex-JW work hard to reveal truth about "TRUTH"


    Absolutely, and I think the fact that the internet is so readily available here in many high speed versions doesnt help the PR for WT either. Here in the U.S. the emphasis is on helping to develop foreign (non-english) languages anyway so they have pretty much given up making english speaking converts here. If you leave your english congregation to help the foreign field you are viewed as a "hero" and oh so special. The CO's really eat it up too, they must get extra brownie points for starting a group or applying for a foreign language congregation.

  • Oroborus21

    Think, it is more like thousands not millions who are leaving.....but for the thousands that leave they continue to add thousands...

    overall growth or losses are not yet extreme but this will change in time, with major defections in the future if nothing changes..

    Surprisingly, there are many in the US that haven't heard about JWs or really gotten to hear their theology..but overall the Tobacco analogy is probably about right.

    It is not that the U.S. is experiencing major losses (just as in the U.S. there is only some drop off smokers or persons less who take up smoking than a couple of decades ago) - but it is a question of new markets opening up. I notice you are from Latvia. Countries like these and others that were formerly under the shadow of the Soviet Union are new markets for JWs and also in many CIS countries, religion itself has reawakened after being somewhat suppressed.

    So growth in those countries only reflects these developments.

    Still JWs have only a limited presence in many Muslim countries and in China so perhaps after Europe and Easter Europe - Asia, these other lands will be where the growth rates are higher in comparison to other countries.

    One thing not to be overlooked is the power of the Internet and the access ot the WWWeb where much counter-info and info about JWs can be found. It is only relatively recently that internet access has become prevalent in the CIS or parts of Eastern Europe or even some countries like yours. When I visited Estonia a few years ago. I still had to go to an internet cafe and pay money for access and few people had it in their homes.

    It might be a telling fact but I would guess that it is probably true that wherever the Internet access availability is low, the JWs will have higher growth.

    And really it just makes common sense. If you have the Internet and these folks come by and want to study the bible with you and you never heard of them before aren't you going to look them up online at some point early on? I would think that one would.


  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    It's a lot harder for third world countries to log on line and google JW's considering that they dont even have running water let alone electricity.

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