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  • Think

    Shazard, How the Teo War is going ? Here are some numbers from western countries.

    % increase in membership over 2004:

    Alaska - 3 Argentyna 0 Argentina 0 Australia 0 Belgium 0 Bolivia 0

    Canada 0 Cayman Island - 4 Cuba 0 Netherland - 1 Chech Republik -1

    Denmark -1 Finland - 1 Guinea - 9 Hawai 0 Hong Cong 0 Hungary 0

    Israel - 2 Japan 0 Netherland - 1 Puerto Rico - 1 Romania - 1 Slovakia - 2

    Sweden - 1 Urugway 0

    USA 0 ZERO !

    Looks like they winning ?

    They spend 1,278,201,985 hours in preaching work !

    What is wrong with this JW CULT ?

    AHA !

  • Honesty

    What is wrong with this JW CULT ? THINK
    They have a messed up god who isn't too smart when it comes to fighting apostates

  • Think

    Is anybody familiar with how many people left the borg from the beginning in 1914 ?

    Some people estimate that can be about 20 million people who study for short period with JW and left, not counting ds about 60,000 a year, and da about 100,000 a year. Many are not included in statiscic,, because if they are not babtized,, they are not considred JW, and not reported.

  • unclebruce

    THINK - (((((((((HUG)))))))))))

    I sit here with no Watchtower literature so your post was like a breath of fresh air.

    Exactly Shaz.

    It is a business. If something isnt profitable, you dump it. English awake once a month. Shut down beth'el.

    Hope like hell China opens up to the work.

    Hey you're channeling my thoughts guys!!!

    I see a future Watchtower Society run by outside lawyers .. just put the doctrines on auto-pilot and sit back banking the profits (or has this already happened?) unclebruce getting Orwellian flashforwards

  • Think

    Here is another funny fact: according to their post, they reported over 6,000,000 bible studies.

    But.... it is so funny.... only about 247 thousand was baptised, that is about only 4 % of all the studies !

    Over 96 % studies end with... .. a nothing ? They quit ? Why ? on every 100 students, only 4 baptized, 96 RUN away ? So, from over 6 million bible studies, over 5 million and 3 quartes RUN away just in 1 year ?

    HA ! Look like the people smell the trap before they close the trap !!!

    So, over 135 years, how many people REALLY escaped ?

  • Balsam

    The WTBTS still continues to keep the rank and file following the governing body. The Feb 15,2006 has articles trying to prove how they alone were left to follow Christ correctly and that JW's should only listen to these men. They say faithful & discreet slave but it all points to the governing body. The faithful & discreet slave made up of old men and women throughout the world have absolutely no say in what goes on in the HQ. Only the governing body and some of them being the other sheep because the so called anointed are senile and dying off, rule the roost. I can't help but wonder what will happen as the old folks die off and there is no more faithful & discreet slave left. Funny to think about it.

    The double speak and how they try to speak with absolute authority is what keeps the rank and file followers in line. And lets face it as JW we did as we were told with little or no thought as to whether it was right or not.

    As for how many have left. I think a lot of people have studies with them and quit before it ever reaches baptism. And I also believe that there are as many who have escaped after being baptized equal to how many are in over the last 80 years at least. But that is a guess. I was in 30 years and saw a lot of people come and go. Today I wouldn't recognize anyone in my old congregation I am sure and I've only been gone 4 1/2 years.


  • Think

    Yeah ! GB want JW listen only to them ! LOL

    Is it true, that Goebels and Hitler was the only Source of true information?

    How about Communism Stalin. He was the only Truth speaker ? How about Franco ?

    Mussolini ? Homeini ? THao ? Japan Emperor ? The true voice of God ? How about Herod ?

    Yeaah ! Don't listen to anybody except those men ! They will GUIDE you right to Paradise in HELL !!!

  • unclebruce

    G'day Think,

    Sorry to prick one of you balloons, I may be wrong but doesn't the 6,000,000 bible studies figure represent the amount of individual studies conducted (rather than the number of individuals studied with).

    Your point is food for thought all the same.

    Goebels, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini Hero Hito were contempories of one Joseph Rutherford. The gangster Judge openly admired the Nazis and would have had no trouble supp'n with any them. All the evidence points to JR being a vile man who despised ordinary JW's for being so easily duped.

    Of course JWs believe he's up there on his horse now with wimpy Jesus on one side and wimpy Russell on t'other waiting .. waiting .. waiting for the great bloodsport to begin (poor bugger's probly got saddle sores to make a grown man cry


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    The faithful & discreet slave made up of old men and women throughout the world have absolutely no say in what goes on in the HQ.

    It has been my experience that the GB (made up entirely of earthling men) thinks ONLY of themselves as being the F&DS, the rest of the anointed are not inclusive in this label and are considered to be among the R&F only.

  • Think


    According to their statistic in 2005, they conducted 6,061,546 bible studies worldwide in 235 lands.

    I believe that they are talking about bible studies as a bible study per household. There can be more than one person included in the studies ( whole family, small children), but I am not sure.

    I know that a lot of bible studies go sour. I been workin with pioneers and elders and on the studies I been with them ( a dozen or so ), don't see any results, they are mostly gone. Some of them strech from 1 to 8 years !!! They push to much, that is the reason for big turnover, they want commit people quicly to baptism ( in 6 months or so), but this backfired. People RUN Away.

    So, what is the end result ? On 6 million studies only 247 thousans baptised ? about 4 % ?

    Now, how long will THEY Last ? I see so much turnover in KH, I see in the people faces big dissapointment very quickly. You can read from their faces, that they feel confused and betrayed. I don't see anymore 10 or so families with children, they are gone. Was to much beating going on in the restrooms, the kids screamed like crazy, ( Dad, mom, please, I will be good, don't beat me !!! )

    Well, a LIES have short Legs, Right ?

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