Scary ghost story on Discovery Channel!

by Hellrider 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Soledad

    I also saw this last year. I admit that it creeped me out but then when I really thought more about it I realized that the whole thing was a big farce. People like to be frightened and this movie played on that fear.

  • M.J.
    Do you know who Criss Angel is?

    From James Randi's site:

    I just heard Criss Angel interviewed on a morning radio show here in New England (FM 100.3 WHEB) and was very happy to hear him give favorable mention to your foundation and the million dollar challenge. He was answering a question regarding what people made of his seemingly supernatural demonstrations. He said he finds pleasure and satisfaction in getting people to talk and discuss amongst themselves about how he may have performed certain tricks or illusions, however, without hesitation, he immediately warned the listener about the claims of certain individuals who prey upon the accepting public (not his exact words).
    . . . but he did mention John Edward by name. In short, he stated he does not possess any supernatural abilities, nor does anyone else. In my opinion, this does NOT take away from the effect of his performances in the least. Bravo Criss Angel!!! I was a fan before I heard your interview, and even more so now!!!

    I’d expect nothing less from Criss, Greg. He’s one of the good guys….!

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