Scary ghost story on Discovery Channel!

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  • Hellrider

    Yesterday, I watched a program on the Discovery Channel, called "A Haunting in Connecticut". This was truly the most scary story of a haunted house I have ever seen. The events happened a few years ago, but they`re apparantly going to make a movie out of it now. You can read about this house here:

    If they`re going to send this program again, you really should watch it, it scared me half to death. The story goes like this: A family moves into a new house. The oldest son is ill with leukemia, and soon after, he and his brother, who have the room in the basement, starts seeing weird stuff. People coming into their room, particularly this one skinny, pale guy in a suit, with very pale, almost blind-like eyes (God, that scared me so bad). They try to tell their parents, but they won`t believe them. Eventually, the oldest son (who is now physically well again) changes his personality completely, becomes violent and threatening to the rest of the family, and has to be institutionalised. And they just believed that he was mentally ill, because of the stress he experienced when he was physicall ill...but then, all hell (literally) breaks loose, and the whole family is attacked by demons. They call in some experts (who refer to themselves as "demonologists") - and their conclusion is that the house is built on a gateway to hell (!!).

    The thing is, I think this family truly experienced this. What struck me about the documentary, was that the family were all anonymous, their names had been changed, and they didn`t show their faces in the documentary. So, at least, they weren`t just looking for publicity. And many things in their story really convinced me that this was for real. Eventually, the catholic church agreed to perform an exorcism (which happens extremely rarely, the C church is probably more sceptical to these things than the most hardcore atheist), but they refused to offer any comment to the program. Anyway, if they air this show again, make sure you watch it.

    What do you think? Are these things for real? Or just mass hypnosis, hallucinations etc?

  • Legolas

    I didn't see that one yesterday but I watched two shows on that channel called 'A Haunting' I believe.

    They were good.

  • peacefulpete

    Anyone who researched the tragic but quite explainable happenings in the Amityville house and how the "documentary" was completely invented should see these programs for what they are. People, at least some, love to be scared. Since demons can be anything our imaginations conjure up they are the pefect moviemaker/novelist device.

  • Legolas

    Peaceful..I agree some can be explained, but many more can not.

    Do you know who Criss Angel is?

    Ever watch any of his shows?..They are great!

    I would love to meet him!

  • Legolas

    I should have added that this guys BLOWS my mind!

    I mean the things that he does out in public with all kinds of witnesses around just makes my jaw drop!

  • funkyderek
    They call in some experts (who refer to themselves as "demonologists")

    Nobody who refers to himself as a demonologist should be considered an expert in anything.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I'm a scatalogist. Can I be an expert? ;-)

  • gumby

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  • stevenyc

    I knew a Senior UNIX Daemonologist. Does that count?


  • unclebruce

    For a while, and after a good deal of book research, I became a sceptic about all supernatural phenomena .. then circumstance had me experience a whole range of stuff that cannot be explained except by 'spirit activity' or at the very least an intereaction between humans and something 'other'.

    This is a very interesting area for scientific investigation and fascinating to experience at a personal level.

    It's a pity that discussion of ghosts at places like this attracts the uneducated (sceptics) like spirits to a luigi oiji oooeegee weegy board.

    dislexik unk

    pst: wanna hear a real ghost story from the Bega Valley?

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