Do JWs Consider You To Be An "Apostate"?

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  • minimus

    I wonder if being an "apostate" to a JW is not really a badge of honor....

  • Dismembered

    I sure hope so. I've recently told the local "presidin' overseer" a.k.a screwball, to make me a "due snot call again" I also told him he had big gonads..... Does that constitute me as postate?


  • ColdRedRain

    Yes, and with that, I've had other negative or shady things attatched to me. I've heard people label me as: A Satanist. (Those religiously knowledgable people confused Atheism and and Satanism) A Kung Fu fighter (Well, that's partially true. I've trained in Kung Fu but I practice Tae Kwon Do). A Homosexual. (I dress up in tight black pants and tight black t-shirts. I must be gay!) A Child Molestor. (Some kids started showing signs of being molested and the parents blamed me because I left the troof).

  • Finally-Free

    Yes, they consider me an apostateā„¢, and from what I hear, it sounds like I lead a very interesting and exciting life.


  • minimus

    Dismembered, you're the "most apostate" person I know-----and with an attitude!

  • theredhead

    Might just be that we "apostates" had the balls to stand up for what we believed in and we stuck it to the


    The WORST of apostates. In Utah the elders said if a witness was seen talking to me, they would be disfellowshipped. That was reported to me by a close friend who was a MS at the time. That's why I don't let anyone know my past since I left the state of Utah. I get to have some fun on occasion with the witnesses in this area by keeping my apostasy on the QT.

  • alamb

    I'm with FinallyFree. I lead a most exciting life.

    I had a baby with a black man. I sold the baby to marry another man after which we lost a baby and they are not sure if I was actually pregnant or lied. My mother looked in the State records to find a birth certificate to prove something; nevermind it would be her own grandchild she would be finding/mourning. Now I am sleeping with half the men in town, and if I deny that, I must have lesbian tendencies from being molested by loving, christian elders. I associate with other apostates and am starting religions left and right while helping other apostates start theirs. All the while I am trying to pull my daughters from the clutches loving arms of the organization by making them read factual material confusing propoganda like history books and such. And I have time to string Christmas lights and put up Silentlambs posters in between. I am a busy girl!

  • Spectre

    I've been away so long that all but a very small few would say about me, "who?"

  • Farkel

    :Do JWs Consider You To Be An "Apostate"?

    You're joking, right? Me? An "apostate"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    I am one of their worst nightmares. My Bethel sources tell me that they collect all my stuff and are just waiting for my next (little and possibly not factual) mistake so they can discredit me; otherwise ignoring the vast bunch bunch of drivel I've written about them over the last decade that actually had all the facts in order.

    Run, Bethel, RUN! My facts will screw up your dogma, you MORONS!


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