The WT is again reminding women of their "proper role"

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  • liberatedwoman

    The reason for my name on this forum! The way women were treated in the organization was a HUGE part of my leaving....we had elders in our cong who could barely read (really, I mean it - they would stutter and stumble over long words), the ministerial servants were similar, but NO WAY could a sister even consider something like a bible reading on the TMS. I would sit and cringe at meetings, and know I could do a better job....only time I've ever had penis envy LOL!

    The way women were treated in judicial matters was another big reason for my fade and then DA. I had been the recipient of several counseling sessions about my lack of wifely subjection...grrrrrrr

  • Think

    Well, we can't expect much from the "spiritual writers" inspired by the smell of the printing ink, they are 98 yrs old, all they want is the ARMAGEDON COMING "TOMORROW" so they can "prowe" that they are " right".

  • Narkissos
    it concluded by saying women keep silent by "not raising argumentative questions that could challenge the authority of those who teach."

    LOL. By such a standard, JW men must "keep silent" too... not so sexist after all.

  • Chimene
    I hated this stuff too, katiek. Nothing like being a single parent, working, taking care of the house, the yard, the car, and hauling everybody's butt to the KH three times a week all by yourself, and then being lectured on how you are the "weaker vessel" and that you should "keep silent". They are so full of crap.

    I lived the same life, except, while married and living with a Jdumbass. But I was to keep silent...............

    I did for 8 and half years, now I'm SCREAMING bloody hell!!! He and his congregation can kiss my ass! LOL

  • Narkissos

    Star Moore,

    The article you posted (or a slightly different version of it) has been discussed here: (see next page for the discussion).

  • diamondblue1974

    Perhaps they are doing this to prevent an uprising within the ranks; heaven knows they deserve it with the constant patronising comments being spewed out from the platform and the publications.

    Katiekitten, your comment was spot on, it must be demoralising!


  • Flash
    The 3/1/06 WT questions from readers is discussing 1 cor 14:33,34 and explains the phrase "keep silent".

    This is another in the WTS continual efforts to structure the faith around the un-reasonable and un-loving teachings/opinions of Paul rather than the Master, Jesus Christ, to whom they will one day answer too!!!

  • FairMind

    Narkissos has it right. It is all about not challenging the organizations management. I am certainly in no better position then the women in my congregation as far as being able to speak my mind.

  • daniel-p

    "not raising argumentative questions that could challenge the authority of those who teach."

    Some people have already spoke my thoughts: Man cannot raise argumentative questions either! Thus rendering this point moot.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Coming to think of it, I vaguely remember this assembly I attended. It might have been in ' 84 which would have been my last since that was the year I left the WTS [Was it the Divine Loyalty DA?] Anyway, I distinctly recall being astonished at hearing the speaker, a man who I had known for several years, since we were elders in ajoining congregations saying that women ought not to be critical of any "spiritual food" provided by the GB, even to the extent of not frowning or assuming any facial attitude that could be construed as being adversely judgemental. THAT, he assured the women in the audience, was what Paul meant by being "silent"

    At first I thought he had to be joking. Surely the GB would'nt be that crass. So I casually asked if I may read his outline, which was provided by the society. Sure 'nuff there it was in black-and white and large as life. Crikey! I thought - does that mean that a person with a penus CAN have those facial expressions?


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