Why did the JW's Shun my mother at her funeral?

by DaveNwisconsin 30 Replies latest jw experiences

  • anewme

    Dave, sorry, take this as a lesson and run baby as fast as you can away from this cult and unhappiness!

  • DaveNwisconsin

    Sometimes I wonder maybe if I did say something like that if maybe I could get lucky and get one to start thinking on there own.

  • DaveNwisconsin

    I am ok anewme, I don't want to be a JW. When I turned 40 I thought its time to get involved in a religion and chose Catholic because the rest of my family came from the church. I know its not perfect, I don't blindly take everything they say either. I sing in the choir in my church and do solo work there too as a canter. Canters lead the assembly in song. There is no fear of me getting involved with the JW's and sights like this one will keep me away from that! I do respect other religions not like our Jw's people practice.

  • cbbebop

    Dave, I am very sorry for your loss. That sucks! You and your family deserve so much more... I try very hard to forgive for they do not know what they do, but I know it can be overwhelmingly frustrating in dealing with those who just don't seem to get it. I would not hessitate to ask those dubs why they didn't show up to pay their respects, but please don't expect much from them. You could be setting yourself up for dissapointment and more frustration.

  • proandcon

    Dave...sorry to hear of the loss of your mom...re the JW's you work with...I would definitely ask them why they didn't take the time to show at her funeral...JW's are told to and believe they profess to show love to all...where's the love here?

    ask them specifically why they couldn't show any love to even attend her funeral. You might just embarass one to rethink his JW position and begin to fade himself. Many JW rank and file have a "herd mentality"...rarely will any one JW think for himself and do what truly is the right, caring and loving thing to do...very, very sad.


  • DaveNwisconsin

    The one person who showed up gave us a card with $10.00 in it. My first thought was I should send a thank you and tell them the money was going to be used for mass. Then I thought it over and sent the person a thank you and told them that they were the only Witness at the wake or funeral. I thanked them for coming and said that they should be very proud of themselves for coming and that Mom would have been proud they were there also. Hopefully some day I will hear from them saying that they left that cult. That religion is really a mess...........

  • delilah

    ((((((((((((((((((((DAVE)))))))))))))))))))) I'm sorry for the loss of your dear mom, my thoughts are with you and your family...this is yet another example of the fine loyal love the JW's have amongst themselves?!

    I remember going to a funeral of an ex-jw,(he had just walked away from the truth, was neither DF'd or DA'd) whose father and siblings are all active jw's. Not one witness, other than myself and another close friend, showed up for the service, even though it was held in the funeral home. I was disgusted, that this grieving family had only two of us there to support them through that terrible time of loss. I lost a lot of respect for the elder body and the congregation that day.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    I think part of the reason JW's don't like going to nursing homes and funerals for the most part are two-fold.

    1.) The facing of old age, disease, and death challenge most JW's convictions. While they deny the fact that the WTBS has moved the dates back ever so much, SEEING a dying, dead, or sick person makes the average JW think. It's painful to think. Why confront that kind of questioning when you simply can make up an excuse not to go. When Sister So and So died, many will remember the sister when she was young, spry, and middle aged, hearing from the stage how exciting it is to be alive right now (circa 1980's) that JW's will NEVER face death. Isn't that grand? Bleck!

    2.) Sadly, it's a counting time issue. Why go to a funeral or visit an elderly home on a Saturday when you could count your time instead by knocking on doors of empty houses. It's more spiritual to spend 10 or 15 hours a month talking to 2 non-interested ones rather than spending 5 hours a month actually making a difference in people's lives. Sad, but true.

  • Finally-Free

    Sorry for your loss, Dave.

    You reminded me of a JW funeral I once went to. It was that of an elderly sister whom I had never met, but I attended because I was friendly with the granddaughter and her disabled husband. This elderly lady had been a JW in good standing her entire life, yet there were so few present that I was asked at the last minute to be a pallbearer because none of the other "brothers" could be bothered showing up. I was the only JW pallbearer - all the others were funeral home employees.


  • orbison11

    this made me think

    i remember a dear, dear sister passed away.....we were encouraged to attend as it would be a 'witness' to her worldly family..not because we loved her and were paying her respect

    no,,,it was for a 'witness'

    how sick is that:(


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