JW's at your door

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  • Think

    Yes, a new trick, don't tell you are JW. I ALWAYS told people that I am JW, but, was reprimanded by "smart Elder", that I shoulda not tell that people, because they don't want to listen. We shoulda say that we are christians now, and give them mags, and offer bible study. But I was stubborn, and at next door, I said same thing: " we are Jehova's Witnesses". I have feeling that the "smart Elder" was ready do choke me and stone to death on the spot. He was not willing to work with me in the " Ministry". LOL HE ! HE !

  • Think

    Yeaah ! We are not JW now, We are the Religious Order of Faith. HA ! HA !

    HI ! HI ! HE HE ! LOL

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It's not a new tactic, we used to look for common ground with the householder when I was pioneering. Like everything in the wts, recycled bs

  • Scully

    It's a typical sales pitch strategy. Ask a question that 99 times out a 100, the person answers "Yes" to. If the conversation continues, ask another question that the person will likely answer "Yes" to. And so on, until it's time to make your final "pitch" and close the sale.

    The psychology behind this tactic is that people feel drawn to others that they agree with, they also feel a sense of obligation to commit more deeply to something that they have said "Yes" to in conversation. If all of a sudden you were to say "No, I am not interested in reading your magazine about the environment", after you have had a somewhat interesting conversation that showed you were interested in the environment, it would elicit feelings of dissonance and discomfort - the JW makes you look insincere and like a liar - so rather than looking like an insincere liar, you accept the magazines to maintain a consistent self-image.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    I recall an incident that was relayed to me when I was witnessing back in the 60s. It was the height of the UFO craze with articles and news reports being bandied about all over the place. Anyway, there was this rather over zealous dub who told the lady at the door that he had a message for her which was of vital importance because.... wait for it.....wait for it...... It was a message from outer space!!!

    The lady evidently slammed the door in his face muttering something about needing his inner space examined!!


  • IP_SEC

    Boy the kls family sure is mean

  • moshe

    I'm an environmentalist ,too. I'm trying to clean the world of all this "JW Trash". It will then be a much better world to live in.



    ps- how many millions/billions of trees have been cut down to supply paper for the worthless WT publications in the last 100+ years?

  • Think

    Moshe, good point ! We have to call Pest Control Company and Parasite/Cancer Sugeon Remoal .

  • deeskis

    it's a well known marketing strategy,

    never tell them it's Amway straight up!

  • DannyHaszard

    I was born to pioneer parents in 1957 as far back as i can remember my elder dad advocated and practiced what they called the " sneak approach ".

    We had a CO who boasted (ca.1978) of telling a householder on the 3rd floor it was a C.O.D. delivery.When she came down for the parcel he said C.O.D. means ''Come On Down"

    It is amazing they down get assaulted more often then they do.-Danny Haszard

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