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  • kls

    Last Saturday my brother in law answered his door to a man that asked " Are you worried about the Environment and pollution"? My brother in law said" Yes i am " . As they chatted for a few moments ,the man at the door reached into his briefcase case and pulled out his Bible. Seeing this my brother in law became very angry and asked " Are you a JW ? and the man answered "yes" , with this ,the man was told to get the hell off his property.

    My brother in law knows of JWS and knows what to listen for when they come to a door but he was fooled into thinking this was an Environmentalist and felt lied to and suckerd .

    Is this a new tactic the JWS are pulling to fool the homeowner into thinking they are someone they are not?

    I hope so, cause i can see alot of folks slamming doors in their faces.

  • KW13

    if anything it relates to the old 'talk about something else' and IF its a must admit your true reason, but otherwise just offer to chat, then reason from the scriptures. unfortunately people know that they are just the same thing in a different cover each time. A formula used by most householders is Person + Suit/shirt/tie and shiny shoes = JW + closed door = This conversation is officially over.

  • luna2

    In our area we were taught to do this, kls. The goal was to find some common ground, start a conversation and hope that the "householder" would be more inclined to accept the mags after having a nice little discussion on fuzzy bunnies or fruit flies or something first.

  • JH
    As they chatted for a few moments ,the man at the door reached into his briefcase case and pulled out his gun Bible

    You got me ascared there for a while

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Sure, It's a way to catch people off guard. When you see someone at your door in a suit and tie carrying a briefcase you automatically assume its a JDub. However when the first thing they say is enviornmental, political, or sociological in nature it opens up a limited window of time for them to try to get thier foot in the door.

  • kls

    Well as you all say has be come common then i can see why so many people are becoming irate . Not only do they bother the hell out of ya but then start by false pretenses as to why they are there .

    The jws that go to doors with this baiting shallow tactic are only getting what they deserve, and hope they don't leave with door splinters in their ass.

  • willyloman

    Nothing new. I knew dubs who were very creative at the door. One old brother used to say, "We're a group of local citizens who are volunteering. We're taking a political survey. Have you got just a minute?"

    When the HH relaxed and said, "Sure," the guy went into his sermon:

    "Do you ever think there will be a government that could truly solve all of mankind's problems?"

    And he went from there. The couple of times I worked with him and he used this on houesholders, the disappointment on their faces was obvious.

  • Beep,Beep

    I don't think it's a "NEW" tactic as I can remember parts encouraging engaging householder with "current event" type thing. It goes WAY, WAY back.

  • DevonMcBride

    Environmental issues should be the last thing a JW brings up since the WT wastes so much paper on their useless magazines.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The product they are selling doesn't actually exist, so they must elude from various angles, and as with politicians, they answer a different question, or, plain lie

    Ask the next jw "what will it cost me"

    And wait for the response "it's a free gift" - they won't start with "you have to do everything we god tells you from now on, even sacrifice your family to us god"

    Like many salesmen, they aren't going to tell you the truth of it, just show you some glossy shots.

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