Pioneer Sister is Even Confused about The Annointed...Now I'm Confused!

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  • stillAwitness

    Ok, this time I wasn't snooping around but I was eavesdropping in a conversation the CO was having with the Freeloader Pioneer Sister who has been staying with us:

    Apparently she was a bit confused as to what will happen during the 'New System" between her and her husband.

    This is where it gets confusing and I need help understanding this: (I could only get in a few tidbits of the convo here and there: ya'll don't know how hard it is to have your ear pressed to a door fro 30 minutes! )

    She was saying how she knows that her and her hubby will no longer be as a married couple because he is one of the annointed but she knows that she will always love him and has hopes that they will always be friends?? What does that mean? Is she one of the annointed too? Why would she be worrying about being friends with her husband if she knows he will be in heaven? I think she is one of the annointed also.

    The the CO was telling her that "new light" was brought into this subject in a previous Watchtower but she could not accept that and kept quoting some scripture that refuted the Society's "new light" that apparently her and her husband will not even be in the midst of each other or something or other..(it was hard to hear at times:the dryer was running ) However he did admit that this is one of those things in the Bible that "we as Jehovah's servants won't ever completely comprehend till God is ready to reveal it to us" (Another prime example of the DUBS belief that the Bible was written strictly for them A religion that has only been around for 200 years but the Bible has for 2000-you do the math Brooklyn! )

    Nonetheless, really it just made me feel so sorry for her. I know she misses her hubby dearly and she is holding on to this false hope and could you just imagine what it would be like for he if she was to one day find out it was all a lie?

    She is one of those DUBS that would be better off ignorant about the real truth.

    I just hope she never gets computer savvy!

    The only thing he said to comfort her in the end was to" Get back into the ministry"

  • kid-A

    Im sure jehooba will allow them conjugal visits....

  • lilybird

    Its really sad how much time they have wasted on their pointless witness lives...If she is an older sister who will find it devastating to know how she has been mislead.then probably it is better she lives on her life in ignorance.Its truly amazing how the elders and others in position of "power" can use the standard "new light" BS to satisfy every question from the masses.Probably ..they tell so many stories they don't know the difference between fantasy and truth anyways..

  • Calliope

    that's one issue i've always had difficulties with.

    even if you're not anointed (if this all in fact did exist) and you live thru armageddon (if it were to really happen), end up in the new system (if there was to be such a thing) waiting by your deceased husbands grave only to be reminded that once he is resurrected, you will not be like husband and wife, but like brother and sister... or some shite like that.

    how can you then apply rev 21:3,4

    And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore

    how could you not be sorrowful over losing your husband??? unless god intended to offer something better. hmmmm?

    and then when you ask about this, you get some shite answer like "don't try to get ahead of god's chariot, lest you get run over." in other words, "don't ask, we don't know"...

  • Clam

    I think she'd be given some sort of heavenly pass and then would be taken up in an Ezekiel type vehicle. I'm sure she's not the only one in this position, so there could be a regular bus service. What can't happen is heavenly beings coming down here and then getting down with the ladies on earth. Otherwise it'd be back to square one with the Nephilim ( evil aliens?) problem.

    We can't have that.

  • rebel8

    I am wondering if she's thinking of Watchtower 6/1/1987, which says certain people will not be married in the New System, then brushes off its importance. This article was one of the reasons I left the borg and so did a lot of people.

    We've discussed this on the forum b4 and I just flipped through a long list of Google search results and my previous posts. I went to several web sites looking for a quote too but can't find it.

  • wombat

    stillAwitness.....Half an hour with your ear pressed against the door...One day you will get sprung. (A drinking glass really works).

    I really wish I had kept my own NWT Bible. I sort of recall that a scripture says that the resurrected will be "neither male nor female"

    That has always made my mind boggle.

    Like...a bloke gets resurrected after many years, has a big yawn and a stretch and then goes to scratch himself.....and finds that there is nothing there to scratch..

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis


    here's my first thought... maybe there is good reason to have hope that she will end up questioning much more and could end up out.

    Keep her in your prayers, ya never know.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    I SEE NO PROBLEM IN THIS; the bible is clear that all false prophets. will be in hell. rev 20. and ezek. 14-16 says all followers of false prophets will get the same punishment as the prophet themselves. so if the bible is true, they both will have the pleasure of being tormented day and night FOREVER. IN THE LAKE OF FIRE. so let the sister know she has nothing to worry about. SHE WILL HAVE THE SAME MEASURE THAT HER HUBBY. GETS. JOHN

  • IP_SEC
    I think she is one of the annointed also.

    Is she? Just out of curiosity, how old is she?

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