Bible-Believing and the End Times

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  • FairMind

    I believe we are definitely living in “the end time”. We all know what the Bile says and of course people have been applying Bible end time prophecies to their own day for centuries. I do believe the Bible is God’s inspired word but that is not why I have personally come to the conclusion we are in the last days. Many non-religious thinkers have come to the conclusion we don’t have long left. They point (and have been pointing for a number of years now) to the ruination of our planets ability to support life. The global energy crisis is bad enough in of itself but it is a catalyst to another problem and that is the threat of global nuclear warfare. Don’t fool yourself, if something drastic doesn’t happen there will be a nuclear war. We can speculate on the goodness and reasonableness of men and how common sense would prevail with regard to the use of atomic weapons but the fact is nations have them and given the right motivation will use them.

  • jgnat

    Sheesh, I wish these bible-interpreters would just SPIT it out. I've read all those scriptures too......

  • jgnat

    AND YET, Fairmind, the very existence of SELF-ANIHALLATION weapons has ushered in an unprecedented era of peace. That, and seeing what our world looks like from the heavens. Up there, it looks fragile. I've heard some very good speakers suggest that mankind may have turned the corner on self destruction.

  • serendipity

    With the rising number of Islamic jihadists who potentially have access to nuclear devices, I would say we're on shaky ground.

  • jgnat

    OK, let's look at how the first World War got started. A King gets assasinated by a nutcase. One country declares war on another. Prior to this inflammatory act, the great countries of Europe, Russia, and North America had a tangled web of alliances, "If you go to war, we will too." Nearly overnight, these world powers were aligned against each other.

    Not to mention, war still had the golden glow of ancient conquests, knights in shining armor, personal combat and glory.

    Modern technology has made modern war impersonal, bloody, and ugly. A modern leader has to engage in a rather heavy spin campaign to even convince his people that war is necessary. Mothers know what war means. Body bags.

    WHAT IF an extremist set off a nuclear bomb? What would be the world's reaction? Horror and loathing. I suspect that countries of many stripes would align themselves against the extremist and punish it severely. Even a single nuclear bomb would not set off a chain reaction of alliances and retaliatory strikes.

    I believe that mankind may have finally turned the corner where, if a fire flares up, our native reaction is to stamp it out! Not to turn it in to an uncontrollable firestorm. In my opinion.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Jgnat, and company, I'm not thinking Armaggeddon is anything like what the media portrays it to be. Like the Bruce Willis movie Armaggedon..a meteor hitting the earth or WWIII ...But just the lamb fighting the governments....Like...Ps.1:2..."The kings of earth take their stand And high officials themselves have massed together as one Against Jehovah and against his anointed one." Not a destruction of the witnesses portray. Who is brownboy?

  • jgnat

    Star Moore, I am going to appear a little impatient, as I just finished a round with a self-proclaimed prophet who has cornered the Name of the Harlot. He took weeks to cough up the name, after dancing around scriptures we all know. But in all that time he offered no shred of evidence to support his claim.

    You have claimed that the Messiah has appeared in the flesh in our day. Who is it?

  • proplog2

    The whole thrust of the Bible is Salvation through a time of great tribulation that involves the formation of a new world. The "faithful" are awake and "watching".

    A Christian is not allowed the luxury of thinking the "end" is a long way off. If a Christian really reaches the conclusion that the end is in the distant future it will be their human nature to quit looking for the signs and indicators.

    For example if you buy a brand new car and you've driven it for a couple of months during the break-in period without any problems you settle in to a period where you just enjoy your car. You aren't hyper-alert - listening for signs of trouble. You realize that at some point your car will get old and prone to failure but that's in the distant future.

    If you buy a used car with 150,000 miles on it - you pay attention to every little noise and mechanical action knowing that some major failure is "near".

    You can't safely drive an old car like you do a new one.

    One of the marks of the "holy ones" is that they would be watchful.

  • jgnat

    I think a Christian better spends their time being ever vigilant and alert to their own behavior. It is fine to consider our time short, to use it wisely, and be ever vigilant in the way we love our neighbours. Most people I've met who are eagerly searching for evidence of the end-times, however, are miserable people. They seem to be blind to the glories in the world around us.

    Sorry, that's how I see it.

  • codeblue

    We KNOW it is the "last days" because the WTBS wore the mark of the wild beast for 10 years being an NGO with the UN

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