Get your Mohammed tshirt!

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  • jstalin

    LOL... a company is making tshirts of the evil Mohammed cartoons now:

  • katiekitten

    Yes, but who would dare wear one?

  • jws

    Why would a "conservative" T-shirt maker do this? It is obviously a sensitive issue. Is the purpose to enrage? Are conservatives just total bigots who don't give a damn about any major religion but their own? Is that one of the "moral values" the conservatives supposedly have?

    Why don't they make derrogatory Jesus T-shirts or something that angers Christians as long as they're at it?

  • VM44

    Not only is the t-shirt offensive, but so also is the price! $28 dollars for a t-shirt? Come on now! --VM44

  • stillajwexelder

    I dont like Islam - but I sure as hell would not be insulting or stupid enough to wear a T-Shirt inflaming a situation

  • GetBusyLiving

    I think a better strategy would be to design derogatory Jesus t-shirts. Maybe then the Muslims would realize that a good deal of us don't hold any of that magical crap (including our own) sacred.


  • Tigerman

    I'll wear one . .. infact, I'll buy several to pass out to anyone that wants one.

    This is called "freedom of speech" less anyone forgets exactly where you are right now ( this site ) and what this issue is all about. I'm not about to cave in to some off the wall logic that is totally alien to the civilized world.

  • Jourles

    I think we need to see one last Celebrity Deathmatch with Jesus vs. Mohammed to settle this damn thing once and for all.

  • Oroborus21


    I think it is easy for us (most of us) to agree with you in principle.

    The problem is that someone depicting Muhammad, for muslims is essentially a form of hate speech.

    It is similar to the way a Jew might view a Swastika or the way a Black might view a KKK symbol.

    (and isn't it interesting that in the latter two cases the issue of survival or threats to survival is raised - so maybe MerryMagdalene was on to something in her post-thread)

    In the U.S. we permit a limited amount of this hate speech under the protection of the constitution, but it isn't surprising that when the neo-Nazis want to hold a march in a Jewish neighborhood or when the Klan wants to hold a rally - that there are protesters and sometimes violence from the groups that are touched very deeply by the hate speech.

    So maybe you are the kind of person that would where a Swastika shirt, or one with KKK on the breast and a burning cross or White Power slogan on the back or as you say, a cartoon of Mohammad.

    No one in the U.S. says that isn't your right. But don't be surprised if by engaging in such protected hate speech, someone else decides to break the law by breaking your neck. Is it right no? Is it reality, Hell yes.


  • slugga

    You would get lifted (arrested) in the U.K for wearing one, "Outraging public decency" and "Inciting racial hatred" are both arrestable offences. Who who dare to wear one though, some nutty Muslim's bound to chib you.

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