Why am I not bitter?

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  • DannyBloem


    I agree that many posters are bitter - and from my reading of some (but by no means not all) of the PMs I have received , some are very angry towards existing JWs.

    I think it is nt good to feel bitter to individual JW's that you do not know. Of course peolpe can feel very angry to some JW's, who did bad things to them. I see individual JW more as misquided victims.
    (I never got a lot of PM's though.)

    (By the way , my Mum & Dad were married when I was conceived!)

    So were mine, but what has it got to do with it?

    I suspect that JWD posters are a "hard core" of former JWs who still take an interest in JW matters composed of a loose grouping of classic "apostate nutcase" types , many who still have family & friends in the organisation and some who feel they have found friendship and companionship (albeit via an electronic medium) with others. According to the UK map on this website, only about 30 or so Brits post compared to many thousands who have left the Truth in this country , so you are talking about a select group of people.
    Well, it depends on what people have experienced. I think there are all kind of posters. Some non JW's also.

    If you do a search on the net , you will find ex-Catholic , Mormon , Anglican and numerous other message board websites and the attitude and bitterness is very similar.
  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Sometimes I get frustrated, but I really don't consider myself bitter. I feel for those who are stuck in a place where bitterness toward the Watchtower overtakes them. I have come to realize that if I hadn't expierance what I did with the Jehovahs Witnesses I more than likely whould have expieranced it in another religion. The expierance I have gained from being a member of this organized religion has taught me alot. I'm just glad I have come to such conclusion early on in my life. I can understand those that have come to them much later in life, it must be very hard for them.

  • Smiles_Smiles

    Good question.

    I am not bitter either and I could not even began to name all the injustices I have sufferd because of my mom choosing to stay in the religion and me subsequently having to be deprogrammed. I almost physically died in the process.

    Now I am at the stage of live and let live and I hope I stay there.

    Yes people are continuing to choose to let the bOrg determine how they live their lives. Well just like all things there are consequences for the choices one make. I was totally blind and 100% in the bOrg for a while. It was not my choice as a child but it was my choice as an adult. I am not bitter with myself for making that choice nor with the bOrg for existing. It's just life. And now that I am free i am sooo much more in love with life then I have ever been. I wish all in the bOrg (current/past/future) could experience this but until they do I will keep compassion in my heart for them even though I choose not to associate with most of them. No bitterness what so ever though.

    I think I have just forgiven all (not to be confused with forgotten) and accept the consequences that came/come from the choices I and my parents made/make. But I don't put blame or fault with it or even negative energy toward it. Because negative energy coming from me to a person or bOrg proves to damage me more then anyone else. And with all of that said there has been times in my past that I was bitter. So I totally understand that feeling and mind set. I'm just over and through with all of that now. I really only want positive energy to be within me (and around me).

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I am not bitter with the BORG but I do sometimes attack the ideas and belief of christianity in general now as I feel I was conned and do not wish anyone else to be fleeced by predatory shepherds.

  • nicolaou

    Zen, please, please have a word with Shining One.

    Andi, you're so pretty

  • Inquisitor

    Am I bitter about this religion of mine? Hmmm...

    Knowing what I do now, I am sometimes very upset that I hadn't listened to both sides of the story before deciding that this was the TRUTH.

    I mean if I had allowed myself that opportunity, I would have made more of an effort to be friends with some of the non-JW kids at school. I would have lived life more fully instead of spending most of it attending meetings and being wary of "the origins" of certain customs and festivals. I would have celebrated life instead of building a brick wall around it. So much fear of the world, so much dislike for Christendom and their followers.

    I would have learned to love myself for who I am, instead of trying to transform myself into this smiley, obliging idiot who got kicked around by the headstrong... woops i mean veteran JWs.

    I think I feel more regret than bitterness. Brain-dead JW apologists annoy me. And so does some of the misguided teachings the WTS passes off as God's will. But at the end of the day, I'm not bitter over JWs.

    I also feel anxious for my family who are still loyal to this organization. For I ask myself, "if the JW chips are low one day, will my folks sacrifice everything to prove their loyalty God, in the manner taught by this very fallible organization?"


  • FairMind

    No bitter experiences, no bitter feelings. The posts above say it better than I can.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    Wy do I not feel like that? I am not bitter, nor hate the GB or witnesses. Is this just me, or do others feel the same?

    I'm also not bitter - outraged, angered, antagonised, in emnity, irritated, annoyed, piqued, antipathised, disapprobated, chagrined, ired,
    umbraged and indignant

    but not bitter - no point in being bitter

  • peacefulpete

    When i began to see through the illusion I immediately recognized that the problem was much bigger than the JWs. The real problems are superstition, group think and universalizing religions.

  • the sage
    the sage

    hi danny!

    Would your father be pat bloem from orange ca in the early 1980's? did your family attend the orange congregation? i was a good friend of his when i was a brother there.

    thanks the sage

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