Witness history or As I See It

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  • IP_SEC

    Hahah I just started re reading Faith on the March and that is exactly what I get from that book joelbear.

  • joelbear

    how many witnesses go in service with the mindset that they are looking for sheep hearted people to teach the truth about god in order to help prove that Jehovah has the right to universal sovereignty?

    or do they ask each other at the end of a service day, how many books and mags did you place?

    the whole approach is wrong. placing literature for nominal amounts of money and then expecting people to actually read it and understand it is ludicrous.

    if they were really trying to get the message out they would be in the media and on the internet with a large presence, advertising their presence on the net and having live people available to chat. that's how communications is done in the 21st century as proven by this site and millions of others.

    it may have been somewhat effective 60 years ago but it is clearly not now and there are 3 times as many people now. its all about books books books. its so sad.

    if all that energy were put into doing for other people, what a tremendous witness of love that would be to the world.

    actually following Jesus' example. i must be an idiot.

  • greendawn

    Fortunately they are too slow and cumbersome when it comes to modernising their preaching activities otherwise they would victimise many more people. Let them carry on with their wasteful practices.

  • proplog2

    I didn't see this post until after I posted something similar. Your are right. Rutheford was really a PR man. Would have made agreat politician if not campaign manager. Most of the jargon that he introduced would fit in great with AMWAY or other MLMs.

    It's no wonder he had his eye on California.

    He even had his own personal dietician. How cool was that!

  • Tigerman

    Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, a Confidence was discovered.

    " What do we have here?" cried the seers.

    " Why, a most beautiful and wonderful Toy . . . don't you see? And all we have to do is stroke

    it a bit, and the world is ours, for you and me ! "

  • Think

    AmwayTower !

  • Trojan

    joelbaer, THAT was awesome! I would call your little essay: "The shortest Proclaimers book in the world" or how about: "Proclaimers book for Dummies".

    "Jehovahs Witnesses History in 5 minutes" (you need 1 minute to read and 4 to let the information sink in...)

    By the way, I once wanted to print my own book and asked some printing businesses to send me quotes (for fairly big quantities, in the several thousands - i was being optimist) and was amazes HOW CHEAP it is to get his own publishing business up and running. Nowadays they use so much electronic programms along the way. That makes printing so easy and cheap! Now add the fact that bethelites work almost for FREE!


  • Think

    Yep, prinnting is cheap. FREE LABOR, I will not be surprised if one mag cost them 1 penny or less to print.

    Anybody have knowledge about real numbers for printing cost for WT mags?

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