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    What percentage of JWs today do you think actually still believe all of the doctrines and are trying hard to stick with it because they feel its the truth? Compare this to individuals such as myself who go so as not to arouse suspicion from their families or acquaintances in the cong. but really do not believe it anymore. Or individuals who go because they dont know any other way, its like a habbit to them that they cant break. What do you think?

  • unique1

    I would say 30 percent still believe it hard core and I would say 20 percent of them are over 40.

  • Undecided

    It's been so long since I've been to a meeting I couldn't give a good answer. I did speak to a witness I knew when I did go, about 30 years ago and he didn't believe it anymore like the GB protrays the truth. I also have a cousin who still goes to meetings who doesn't believe it anymore.

    Ken P.

  • skyman

    Less than half but you had better look out for that half.

  • freedomlover

    hey XBEHERE-

    I know many here don't really want to hear this but I do think the majority still believe it. I think some have issues with *certain* things but the majority overlook those *minor* things and think there's nothing else as good to go to.

    I really think people like you are the minority.

    just my 2 cents.

  • garybuss

    Witnesses I know who go to meetings don't LIKE a lot about the Witness people and the Society but they have faith that Jehovah will correct the wrongs and punish the wrong doers in a way that will make them happy. Justice will be done sometime in the future.

    Witnesses not believing current doctrine is why the Society is having such a hard time getting the Witness people to accept the changes in the blood *misuse* doctrine. Many Witness people still think the governing body members directs the Watch Tower Corporation(s), and lots of Witnesses still think Armageddon will come before the generation of 1914 dies.

    I think some have issues with *certain* things but the majority overlook those *minor* things and think there's nothing else as good to go to.

    Freedom lover I'd agree with you about this. Though I think its better to say that many have these minor problems and may even have an issue with the WTS itself but still WANT to believe in Jah and his promises. I was like this for a long time... eventually some of these people will, like me, have a turning point that causes them to question even the doctrine itself. So I think there are many who have these "minor" concerns as you called them, more than not I think.

  • greendawn

    I used to know many dubs in the 1980's who were there because for them it was some kind of social club and they couldn't care less for the doctrines. They just enjoyed the social life.

  • bonnzo

    i'm undecideds cousin who doesn't believe it any more.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    There are two catagories for most Witnesses:

    1. Those that still believe and act upon it.
    2. THose that still believe, but are uneffected by it.

    It seems to me that even people who stop going to the hall still deep down believe it is the "truth". They have simply let other things divert their attention from the Kingdom Hall, but that dosn't mean they have stopped believing.
    I have known TO MANY people who float around, miss meetings, report low service time, basically show all the signs that they really don't have a "solid grip" in the organization. These same people though will NEVER EVER EVER question if it is the truth. They go around floating away, but never can let go in their minds.
    I actually heard one guy say that during a peroid of around 10-15 years he was away from the hall that "the truth haunts you everywhere you go". These people are so well trained not to question the organization, they simply can't get over it.

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