True Believers

by XBEHERE 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Honesty

    I know a lot of DF'd people who have been out for years and still believe it is absolute truth. There are also those that attend the meetings soley for the social aspect. Then, there are others who have discovered the truth about the Watchtower, reject its apostate teachings and refuse to touch the unclean organisation.

  • delilah

    My parents have "floated" along for years, been through a few DF'ings in the family over time, and they get sidetracked here and there, they miss meetings and feel so guilty about it, they make excuses for it.....BUT, it's the truth, and they know it. I wish they'd read the COC book, I'm sure it would open their minds and their hearts to the "truth"....

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