What can discourage the JW's?

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  • Chimene

    Maybe if the government would ever ban them from passing out magazines from door to door and all other places. I'm sure they would get very tired of going to jail for it

  • buffalosrfree

    the real truth will discourage them, some to the point of not thinking anymore about it, others mental control as to deny the real truth, others just so closed minded that they don't want to hear anything that doesn't agree with the society.

  • Oroborus21

    people are people.

    When reality hits home it is easy to get discouraged.

    A lot of world events, social lore, and anecdotes let most JWs rest comfy in their armchairs - safe in the knowledge that the bad things are happening to others (even if they are brothers & sisters) and so they can polyanna the situation and fit it into their worldview or theology.

    But when the disaster strikes them, when it is their loss or their tragedy. it is challenging and usually discouraging.

    That's why it is good when friends can come to one's comfort in those times and JWs appreciate their worldwide brotherhood for that. It is one of the beautiful things about the Organization.

    Unfortunately, it is sad that such brotherly love is neither universally shown nor shown even when the matters are not monumental or of a major disaster.

    It is the older sister that needs help with the groceries or the family who are struggling financially that get discouranged and could use real brotherly love - and more than emoitonal support but like the Good Samaritan real tangible-material help. In some ways, JWs could learn a thing or two from the Mormons or other Christians when it comes to these situations.


  • onesong

    I have to agree with FIELD SERVICE. In our area no one, I mean no one is coming in. Yeah there are studies but none of them progress to baptism. The public has become to well informed.

    And MEETINGS. Even the most dedicated are completely bored and insulted with childishly inane message.

  • JH

    My mom told me today, that a lady witness phoned her to offer a free bible study...

    My mom said, no thanks, I'm not interested

    My mom asked me, since when do they offer bible studies on the phone?

    I said, what was her name, and my mom said, she didn't name herself, just said she was a JW.

  • IronClaw

    Waking up on a beautiful Saturday morning.

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