Quotes to be guest on Drew Marshall Radio show Sat Feb 11 @ 4pm

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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Great job QUOTES!

    Any listener who didn't know about the lawsuit, now has a crystal clear picture of how the Organization acts when embarrassed. And as Drew said they should "grow up."

    I loved how you had those series of questions that a person should ask themselves when considering ANY group, even if its just a group of old ladies into knitting. As always, you had an earnest and objective tone. You're very comfortable to listen to and I'm looking forward to you being on yet again (if its something you see yourself doing again).


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i just wanted to revise my comment. that quotes was a little easy on the wts in his first radio interview from sept 2005. mr. quotes was great and very listener friendly. tho a little soft on a few issues. maybe because of the lawsuit. but it's a must listen for any jw or x jw that hasn't heard it before. and i can't wait for the radio interview from 2-11-06 to come out on the net. mr Quotes deserves all our thanks for his hard work and brass balls to take the wt on alone. we can all learn something from his stedfastness john

  • mouthy

    I listened to it yesterday Thursday... Excellent job Peter.... Proud of you....


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