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  • MsUrsy

    I came into the truth when I was 23...tattooing and piercings seemed really popular in the 90's as it is today.....I wanted to pierce my eyebrow so badly....Of course I didn't, didn't want to stumble anyone....well my family and I have been out for a few months now and my 18 year old daughter just got her first tat today!! Sweetness, it is so freakin' awesome looking, (the skeleton from Social Distortion). My youngest is going in on Saturday for a distorted heart, (the used cover) on her shoulder, I can't wait to see it. Well mind you, I am 40, and I don't care....I feel like a lot of my youth was given to the WT orgainization....I am setting up an appointment to get 2 tats myself....one on my hand, one on my foot. I am also going to get my eyebrow pierced and my nose pierced....Yes I know I may look like the old broad with the "young" stuff, but I am FREE..and this is my present to myself to celebrate!! I will maybe post picks when I get them done if I can figure out how to do so...and the best part is, My kids WANT me to get this stuff done!! YAY!! Oh and that article in the awake....funny stuff, I remember thinking...geez, If I walked into the Kingdom hall with a glorious depiction of Christ with short hair from one of the societies drawings...I would so get pulled into the backroom and probably chastised, and repremanded for being a person with free will....and probably disfellowshipped!! It is hilarious, there is no conscience decisions in that orgainization....God I am so glad to be out!!

  • DigitalFokus

    my biggest tattos is in my pic <--------------------------- it says my sons name i have 3 others. Big whoop. get one or don't its not a big deal. just don't get a stupid one..lol :)

  • hamsterbait

    Wait a minute -

    Tattoo is from Tahitian and Samoan languages. How come God is quoting that language in Leviticus?

    The original says not to "print" upon the body. It was and still is a custom to write sacred symbpls and texts on the body, for whatever significance.

    In line with the Pinyada u-turn, since tattoos in the west are no more religious than getting an ear ring, I don't see how anybody nowadays has to give two hoots about what the WTBTS says on this.


  • IMustBreakAway

    Thinking about two tattoos one on my chest that shows a lighting bolt and a warning label that says, "Caution Caution Caution to prevent injury or even death from electrical or mechanical failure do not remove cover. No user serviceable parts inside refer service to qualified service personnel."

    And one for the back buttocks that says "One way traffic..."

  • MsUrsy

    <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c34/pbouye/pandsd.jpg" border="0" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket"></a>

  • MsUrsy

    I wanted to update the tat issue from a couple of months ago. I finally got one, then 2, now 3, it is very addicting...and God knows I have an addictive personality...lol! The first tat I got was of a leaf with 3 lady bugs on it in the shape of hearts with my daughters name incorporated into a saying around it on my left wrist. The second one was a large one down my right calf of a long stem rose, banner and a heart with my mom and Pops name in it. And the last one is of my favorite band in the world U2 with the words "walk on" under it! Love them all! I also ended up getting my nose pierced, (took it out), and my eyebrow pierced, (also took it out, not because I wanted to, it was a little infected). So I am catching up with all my rebelous antics that I never got to enjoy in the Kingdumb Hall!! Any one else have any new ones?

  • Stealth453

    If someone can tell me how to post a picture on this board, (I am severely e-challenged), I will post the new tattoo I have in honour of my days in the wt.

  • Stealth453

    Lets see if I can do this.

    My tattoo...

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