Goin' back

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    No, not to the jws, never again. It was always my ambition pre - jw to be an english teacher. I have a degree in english, but I thought it was too late, after so many years, to pursue my original career plans. However, thanks to some good advice from another poster on here, it seems it's not too late at all. I have enquired at schools in the area, and have been accepted for a week's shadowing a teacher at one of them. That is going to happen in a few weeks, and I am going on a refresher course as well. I am very hopeful that I will, after all, achieve one of my ambitions, albeit 25 years late! The jws robbed me of so much, it feels good to know that maybe they didn't rob me of everything. I am really excited at the prospect, and quite a bit nervous as well, but I just can't wait to get started. I will keep you all posted on how it goes. Wish me luck.

    I've been singing this song all morning, and it kind of fits my situation, as well as being a bit of a favourite, so I would like to share it with you:

    I think I?m going back to the things that I learned so well in my youth
    I think I?m returning to those days when I was young enough to know the truth
    Now there are no games to only pass the time
    No more electric trains, no more trees to climb
    But thinking young and growing older is no sin
    And I can play the game of life to win

    I can recall the time when I wasn?t ashamed to reach out to a friend
    Now I think I?ve got a lot more than just my toys to lend
    Now there?s more to do than watch my sailboat glide
    And every day can be a magic carpet ride
    A little bit of courage is all we lack
    So catch me if you can, I?m goin? back


  • KW13

    WOW well good luck with that, i hope it all works out for ya! you'll have to get used to the 'miss' thing though :D

  • greendawn

    Many people have done that so there is no reason why you shouldn't do the same, after a good refresher course you should be able to start utilising your hard earned degree.

  • deeskis

    Good on you

    In the scheme of things, the training time is not so long, look at it compared with time you spent on other....less productive things......!

    Best wishes for the future


  • LittleToe

    Good for you. It's NEVER too late! Live the dream!

    They are crying out for teachers, at the moment, too.

  • Dansk

    Well done and all the best, Linda! It's not too late. You have the possibility of a great career in front of you and your experience of JW life can actually be put to an advantage (your experience of cult life, restrictions on freedom, etc). The important thing is to have learnt from our experiences and I'm sure you'll do this remarkably well. Go for it!


  • ferret

    GOOD LUCK Linda you need doubt no more.

  • Golf

    Go for it!


  • Kenneson

    This is great. Pursue your dream. Fulfill it and be happy.

  • jstalin

    Great news! I've read too many people on here complain that "it's too late to go back to college." You're pursuing your dream!

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