Rumor alert: GB talk Jesus had 7 comings

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  • Chimene

    The Catholics said the same thing back in 1987-1988. Jesus and Mary had come and told seven secrects to seven children in Greece...............and the last secret was that there was going to be 3 days of pure and utter darkness, you wouldn't even be able to see your hands in front of your face, with demons runnging around. It was supposed to have happened shortly after it was announced, ............................ok, it's 2006?

    I think people with nothing to do sit around and smoke a big fat doobie and make this garbage up because they are bored, LOL

  • uninformed

    Can't give you the page number, but possibly under the heading "resurrection" in the old AID TO BIBLE UNDERSTANDING, there was a paragraph or so regarding the resurrection.

    Basically, it was addressing the orderliness of the resurrection, and said something to the effect that if the resurrection started about 200 years into the thousand year reign and the population of the paradise were to be increased at a very manageable 3% increase per year that it would take approximately 400 years for the resurrection to be completed, assuming a population of about 15 billion persons that have ever lived.

    Could that be the reference that LUSH (elvis) was talking about?

    7 comings sounds to me like someone is trying to confuse the troops.


  • vomit

    Isnt it something similar to what the seventh day aventists teach. I think russel didnt fall too far from the denominational branch.

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