Rumor alert: GB talk Jesus had 7 comings

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  • truthseeker

    This is REPOSTED from E-Watchman with follow up posts, but I thought if it were true, it would be a major breakthrough and embarassment for the Society...

    A new talk outline not yet released to the congregations was recently given in Miami by a GB member (Llsch ?). It is titled "What the Future Holds".
    He stated that Jesus has 7 "comings", 4 of which have already happened. Maybe they are trying to come up with some way to explain the 1914 problem?
    Also released was the idea that the UN itself will not be the attacker of the WTS, but a member nation will be! Interesting!
    Mentioned too, the anointed will be raised up soon after Armageddon, followed by the general resurrection which will be completed within 200 years.
    Comments?? e-m


    Not long ago a Watchtower stated the "attack" would come from militaristic elements within the UN.

    (kind of varifying this "new light")

    In a talk recently, the speaker mentioned being able to refer to a provided list of names so as to know when certain ones would be resurrected......sounded weird coming from an elder on the platform.

    So much is being accepted at face value...without question. Stuff presented as fact, from the "authority", eagerly being gobbled up with smiles and admiration.

    Sure would appreciate some scriptural reference for these notions.....sad face/sick face.


    Hi All. I should add that I did not hear the talk myself. It was given in a foreign language and told to me in English. I don't know what scriptures were used. If I can find out more I will...............e-m


    My comments on the last point - If the UN does not turn on religion as a whole, how could one nation significantly damage the Watchtower in 230 lands? It doesn't make sense, the idea that the UN would attack the WT makes more sense than some solitary nation doing the job.

  • jgnat

    Eh, I'm not big on rumors. I like to substantiate first before spreading it.

  • Legolas

    7 comings ah....Just where does it say that in the bible?

  • greendawn

    They are getting weirder all the time, seven comings for Christ when only two are mentioned in the Bible! Who can believe them anyway given their abysmal past record of failed interpretations? It's more lies to manipulate the R&F.

  • Satanus
    7 comings

    The wt jesus is quite a performer.


  • truthseeker

    jgnat, I agree with you, I thought it important enought to post and will try and see where this leads too.

  • M.J.

    keep us updated. I've found it ludicrous that they seem to be talking about more than two appearances, but I thought they had the number set at three. First the human appearance, then the 1914 cameo apperance, then the "real" end appearance.

  • blondie

    Actually, the WTS has said that the general resurrection after Armageddon would not take place until the great crowd that lives through gets the earth ready for them...that would take at several hundred years.

    As the the 4 comings I can guess that their interpretation might be

    29 CE (baptized as the Messiah)

    1874 CE came in kingly power (1st version)/1914 CE came in kingly power (2nd version)

    1918(9) CE came to inspect the temple

    ????? CE (soon) coming of Jesus on the clouds at the GT

    WTS Resurrection Spectulations

    ** w60 1/15 p. 64 Questions from Readers ***

    In The Watchtower, February 1, 1959, on the subject of "Paradise," in the last paragraph of the first article appears the statement: "Enoch will be resurrected into Paradise restored here on earth." How are we to understand this when we have been taught that Enoch, together with other faithful men of old, will have an early resurrection?—G. G., U.S.A.

    When the Society’s publications speak of an early resurrection, it does not mean instantly after Armageddon. In fact, a number of years might elapse. We must bear in mind that immediately after the battle of Armageddon accomplishes the binding of Satan and his demons the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ begins. Consequently, a considerable number of years of that millennial reign of Christ might pass and it would still be early in that millennium. Therefore, early could mean after the Armageddon survivors have cleaned up the bones and the debris and have begun to convert the earth into a paradise under Jehovah’s blessing through Christ.

    Adam was in a paradise, although it did not extend all around the earth. Doubtless when the faithful pre-Christian witnesses come back in an early resurrection they will be resurrected into the portions of the earth where the Armageddon survivors are and have converted that portion into a paradise locally. Besides this the spiritual paradise condition will also have survived the battle of Armageddon and all those resurrected early will come into that condition also. So the literal paradise does not have to extend all around the earth, that is, cover every part of the globe before those resurrected early can come back into a paradise. Doubtless later, when the resurrection of mankind in general occurs, the paradise will be quite well on its way to coextensiveness with the earth. However, just to what extent those coming forth then will have a part in extending the paradise so that it includes every portion of the earth’s surface we do not know.

  • Severus

    No new "light" here.

  • blondie

    It's all old light, Severus, they are just hoping all the people who heard the first time died, have alzheimer's, or became JWs after the first time through.


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